Stimulants Advantages And Disadvantages

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Even though stimulants and depressants can seriously harm someone, many people decide to use them because, they assume that they need them to survive. The question of all questions, is why do they feel like they need it? Do they not care about their life, or do they just want to harm themselves? These are the types of questions that I am sure everyone wants to know! The sad thing is, these are some questions that won’t always be answered. Let’s begin. What exactly is a stimulant? I am so glad that you asked, a stimulant is “a substance that raises levels of physiological or nervous activity in the body.” Types of stimulants that I am sure you’re aware of are, cocaine, crack, methamphetamine, diet pills and more” (Inaba 3.1). Typically, the …show more content…
In other words, it will revolve around the body being extremely exhausted, and dry. Withdrawal symptoms play a big part in this equation, for example having depression is something that usually comes into play. Normally if someone has depression, “it is known to last, for days, weeks, or occasionally months” (Inaba 3.5). Let’s take a recovering drug addict for example “There is only so much you can do… you just need to crash… the fatigue not even being able to walk... for me the depression lasted up to 8 days” (Inaba/36-year-old recovering addict 3.5). As we all can see, withdrawal of the stimulant will put the abuser in a bad place. I feel that when people abuse stimulants, they normally like the feeling that the drug is currently giving them. 9 times out of 10, the drug puts them in a place where they can possibly not feel any harm. Another quality that I am certain why others use drugs are, to deny unwanted feelings (Inaba 3.6). It is extremely awful to know that these people who abuse drugs are just flat out destroying themselves. Do they know that they’re doing? The absolutely do! This leads me to my next quality which states, “people who want to be disconnected from the world will abuse depressant drugs, such as sedatives or anti-anxiety drugs. They will take any drug that will suppress their feelings and emotions” (Addiction Search). In other words, people who are struggling or going through something, it will increase their chances of abusing a drug. I guess you can say that people normally abuse drugs because they’re either down, or vulnerable. This makes me believe why people decide to consistently abuse drugs. Also I believe that “Other people, however, enjoy having boundless energy and being "on" all the time. Or, they may live such busy lives that they need an extra boost (or at least they think they do). Rather than prioritize their

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