Adderall's Drug Effects On College Students

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Hardcore drugs such as heroin, methamphetamine, and cocaine, were once legal and used for medicinal purposes. However, the side effects and abuse of the drug was the reason to take the drugs off the shelves. People started to use the drug for the wrong reason. For instance, heroin used to be used as children’s cough syrup. The cough medicine became very popular and people would get heroin prescribed to them to use it for recreational purposes. After America and other countries noticed how bad the cough syrup effected people, the medicine was quickly removed from the shelves and banned by the FDA.
Today, when abuse of drugs is being discussed, people normally think of street drugs. However, medications can become just as addictive as street
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College students seem to be the primary abusers of the drug. The college experience could be stressful and studying may be difficult. With this in mind, this is a student’s drug of choice to stay focused. If students turn to Adderall to help with school work, it could cause them to become dependent on the drug which could lead to addiction and a high tolerance of the medication. Depending on Adderall could lead an individual to believe that they cannot survive without it. In addition, an increase of dosages could build a high tolerance, which makes it impossible to have that initial high the abuser seeks. Once a person forgets about the negative consequences of misusing Adderall, they have developed an addiction for the medication.
The harmful side effects of Adderall among users that are taking risky dosages are anxiety, restlessness, pounding or fast heartbeat, shortness of breath, difficulty sleeping and staying to sleep, excessive fatigue, and/or changes in sex drive. Above all, the dangers of taking non-prescribed medicine could result in long-term mental damages or death. Also, because Adderall is not for everyone, if a person has any health problems in the past, it could increase the possibility of experiencing the side effects instantly. Overdosing and taking the stimulant with alcohol is a sure way to end a life of an
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When someone has a habit of taking Codeine for their own purpose, the body get use to the medication. But if a person abruptly stops, the body would eventually react negatively. For instance, a long-term user’s first week without Codeine would be extremely difficult because they would have psychological and physical breakdowns. Psychologically, they might experience hallucinations, insomnia, stomach cramps, homicidal thoughts, etc. As for physically, they might have to deal with muscle spasms, chills, kidney damage, liver damage,

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