Violence Against Women: The Consequences Of Violence Against Women

Violence against women is violent and deliberate behavior directed at women and takes many forms, whether moral or physical, and according to the United Nations definition, violence against women is the behavior against women and motivated by sexual neurosis, resulting in suffering and harm to women in the physical, psychological and sexual aspects, The threat in any form, deprivation and limitation of women's freedom in their private or public life is a practice of violence against women.

Violence against women is a clear and explicit violation of human rights; it prevents them from enjoying their full rights and has serious consequences not only for women but also for society as a whole, with serious social and economic consequences. It
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This type of violence includes physical harm to women, whether by beating or using a machine. And may sometimes result in the death of the victim as a result of excessive force and severe beatings. Physical violence also includes honor killings committed against a woman in case her chastity is suspected by a male member of her family.

Verbal and psychological violence: is the violence against women through offensive words or insults, as well as verbal threats and ill-treatment, including the threat of divorce. Psychological violence has negative effects on women's psyche, although there are no obvious effects. To the injury of women with severe psychological diseases such as depression.

Sexual violence: This violence takes many forms, including sexual harassment or any sexual threat, or any relationship imposed by coercion or rape. This form of violence may be practiced by the same husband at times. Under this type of violence, sexual violence is also involved in conflict situations, which means that women are vulnerable to rape in areas of political instability and
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Violence to death.

Psychological effects: Violence has a number of psychological problems, such as severe depression and mental disorder, which can lead the victim to suicide attempts as a result of the great psychological pressure that falls under him. It can also cause problems such as alcoholism, smoking and drug addiction. Women's mental health in advanced stages.

Social effects: Because women are active members of society, all that passes through them is reflected on their family and the community environment significantly, and the problems caused by violence against women, family disorders, which in turn reflected on children and may lead to mental and emotional instability, Which affects their societal behavior in later stages of life

Economic problems: Violence against women is a major obstacle to their effective role in society. When women are exposed to violence, women limit themselves to active participation in society and deny them the ability to invest in society. Violence against women also incurs additional economic burdens to the family as a result of the victim's health

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