Mexican Immigrant Women

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Why is it important to focus on Mexican Immigrant women as IPV survivors?

Violence against women surpasses national barriers, this issue is not one that is unique to group of people. Violence against women is a global issue. While, it this phenomenon does affect women worldwide, it does affect different groups of women in different ways.

Many types of actions constitute as a type of violence against women, one category of violence against women is intimate partner violence. The act of Domestic violence falls under the category of intimate partner violence. Domestic Violence can be best described as an act occurring in a relationship that consists of using any type of force to be it be physical, emotional or sexual to assert power and
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In the United States alone 1 in 4 Latina women will be victims of domestic violence. This report seeks to understand how Latina immigrant women experience domestic violence in San Diego. Research has shown when focusing on specific group of women survivors of domestic violence allows for a better treatment of these victims. Culture, language and ethnic backgrounds are taken into account in order to provide “culturally competent services” to treat Mexican immigrant women survivors of IPV more effectively.

What are stops Mexican Immigrant Women from leaving and reporting an IPV relationship?

Differentiating the experiences of Mexican women coming into the country from those who were already here allows for a better understanding of what may pose as an obstacle when it comes to breaking away from an abusive relationship. It has been found that some of the most relevant factors stopping women that settle here in San Diego from Latin American countries, from leaving an abusive relationship, are language barriers, their immigration status and social and cultural norms that are associated with
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It is important to note that the language barrier Latina immigrant women face is one of relevant value. These women avoid seeking assistance from the police, hospital staff or other agencies that offer help to IPV victims because of their inability to be able to communicate their problem effectively.

Also, many Latina Immigrant women IPV victims here in San Diego fear that reposting the abuse might jeopardize their ability to stay in the country. These women fear deportation of not only themselves, but also of their partners. It is this fear that stops women from leaving and reporting IPV relationships.

Social and cultural norms associated with the Latino culture are also factors that stop Latina Immigrant women from taking action against stopping IPV relationships they are engaged in. In the Latino culture preserving your family very important. Research shows that Latina immigrant women who divorced their abusive husbands, were discouraged from doing so by family members. These factors along with many others are what women face when they are making the decision to stop and report abusive behavior of their partners.

What has been done to help Latina Immigrant women to report

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