The Dangers Of Learned Helplessness

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Register to read the introduction… They pose as a constant reminder as to what an individual has faced in their life. Physical abuse is the most common form of torture and it is the constant fear of being abused that can precisely prevent them from breaking free. In fact, some victims may be subjected to so much abuse, that they develop a psychological problem that can inhibit them for leaving even when the opportunity arises. Learned Helplessness happens when “an animal is repeatedly subjected to an aversive stimulus that it cannot escape. Eventually, the animal will stop trying to avoid the stimulus and behave as if it is utterly helpless to change the situation. Even when opportunities to escape are presented, this learned helplessness will prevent any action” (Cherry, 2013 ). The victim is essentially like a helpless, defenseless animal that cannot do anything to protect itself. They are so accustomed to the torture that they just stop reacting to it. They are essentially lifeless beings that are not responding to the pain that is being inflicted on them anymore. They may have the opportunity to leave, but they neglect these chances as they have lost all hope and chosen these struggles to be their fate. They may feel as though they will never be free from their current situation, hence they have just chosen to go along with how things are happening. In many ways, Learned Helplessness is used as a coping mechanism (Pollick, 2013). If they have made efforts to escape the abusers brutality, it has been futile thus they have become passive. The victims also experienced bodily harm as the abuser may beat them and even try to kill them in some cases. For instance, Sex by force, is also a form of physical abuse. These victims are at risk of being murdered by their abusers as their aggressive nature may just increase if they try to fight back. In fact, it seems as though if the victims become passive, then they …show more content…
They have dealt with their abusers constant outbursts which has wounded them on a mental and physical level, caused them to deal with emotional conflicts on a regular basis and made them deal with the constant pressure from all those around them. The Stockholm syndrome and Learned Helplessness both affect the mindset of the victim where the former causes the individual to become emotionally attached to their abuser and the latter causes them to become passive to the torture after being subjected to it continuously. Both greatly impact the psychological mindset of the victim. Learned Helplessness can lead the victim into depression as it gives them the feeling of defeat and can prevent them from taking action, even in the most severe scenarios. The Stockholm syndrome can cause the victim to disregard their own needs and desires while focusing solely on the abusers; they will even view authorities, family and friends as negative (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network , 2009). Abusive relationships are a serious matter and the media is doing a poor job at bringing the issue into limelight. Many cases of violence in relationships go under noticed yearly and its time that things change. Concerned family and friends need to be aware of the warning signs of violence in order to protect their loved ones from being abused. The world needs a waking call and the first step starts at the individual level so think what can do done to bring forth the much need

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