Vincent Van Gogh Impressionism

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Vincent Van Gogh
Vincent Van Gogh was a Dutch painter who developed his works of art as a Post-Impressionist painter. He was a well known for his Western Art work; within a decade Van Gogh created around 2000 paintings that included landscapes, self-portraits, and still lives. When painting his famous artwork he used bold colors that were prominent in all of his artwork. Theses colors were always symbolic and dramatic. Van Gogh was a very closed man, meaning he loved to paint but he had no interest in selling his artwork that is why while he was alive he only sold one painting. He became famous after he committed suicide, his suicide had many contributing factors sum of which are mental illness and poverty.
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Was there a meaning behind the colors he choose to paint with or was it more based around what he saw? This is a question that is posed by many who study his art. Vincent Van Gogh was a mentally unstable man who struggled daily with depression, paralyzing anxiety and some even thought that he was bipolar 1. Because Van Gogh was so unstable he chose to check himself into an asylum which is were he got his inspiration for his paintings from. While staying at the asylum he had a lot of time to evaluate himself, which posed a danger because then he was able to think about thoughts that doctors considered to be bad and unhealthy. To keep Van Gogh in the right mood the asylum allowed Van Gogh to have two rooms one were he would sleep and was able to spend time thinking and sitting and one where he could do his artwork. The asylum …show more content…
Many of the interpretations that have been told are that starry night says that he painted this in June but a letter to Theo Van Gogh’s brother states that it was painted in September. The interpretations that are done on Van Gogh’s paintings are mostly from the letters that were sent from Vincent to Theo. There is another interpretation that is well known and that is that many people belied that Vincent Van Gogh painted starry night from imagination, which is completely false. Starry Night was painted from nature meaning that what Van Gogh saw was what he painted, although the panting was done from memory there are some who believe that the swirls in the painting are imaginative. There are also other art critics who believe that the swirls in the painting refer to wind, they believe that the weather at the time that this was painted was bad they think that there was

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