Van Gogh A Starry Night Symbolism

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A Very Starry Night
Vincent Van Gogh created Starry Night in an asylum looking out his window. This is the way that Van Gogh depicted nature. The painting was the most famous of all the paintings he did. It was the only painting he sold. Van Gogh painted two pictures of Starry Night but they did not come out the way he wanted them to. The idea of Starry Night was over a “land scape and not a town.” (Soth) He wrote to his brother Theo about his vision of what he thought about what he saw outside his window. Van Gogh did not become famous until after his death. Van Gogh wanted to preach at first to the people in poverty. Van Gogh had very bad depression and that is why he was in an asylum. Vincent passed on July 29, 1890. Starry Night can be
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The colors that Van Gogh used were dark and he likes telling stories and making emotions from his works. The dark colors indicate that he was depressed. The historical significance of Starry Night is that it became the most famous painting he ever did, and it was one of the last few paintings he did before he killed himself. Starry Night is a beautiful painting to look at. When I first picked, this painting I did not see it as a sorrowful painting, until reading about how Van Gogh was having hard times within himself. I just thought it looked nice and did not actually look at it carefully. From when I first saw it to now I do see the sadness in it. with the use of colors, I do see it now as him being in a depressed state of mind. Even though there are warm colors in the painting it outweighs the cold of the blues that is what makes the picture so depressing was the use of the colors. The color used for the cypress trees are dark, which shows Van Gogh was in a bad state of mind. Van Gogh incorporated the cypress tree to show his dark side and depression that had set in. Starry Night was one of the last few paintings that Van Gogh did before he …show more content…
I learned that Van Gogh made his painting through imagination and memorization. Also, that he had the idea for the painting through looking out the windows on the first floor of the asylum. I did not know that Van Gough had manic depression until reading about Starry Night. Many copies of Starry Night were made and sent to Van Gogh’s brother Theo until he made his most famous painting Starry Night. The town in his painting was put there to fill space and make the painting a better painting. The pigments that Van Gogh used in Starry Night were rare colors for that time. Show the love he had where he lived and the love of the night sky that gazed over the town. Painting was a way for Van Gogh to deal with his

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