Vincent van Gogh

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  • Mental Illness And Creativity Analysis

    patients and their relatives, finding that bpd, or bipolar disorder, is more common in individuals with artistic professions including dancers, photographers and authors (Berman). Some of these neurodivergent creators include Ludwig van Beethoven, Edvard Munch, Vincent van Gogh, and Georgia O 'Keeffe. Saying that they created magnificent pieces would be an understatement, these people were creatively…

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  • Van Gogh's Influence On Starry Night

    mugs, “Starry Night” serves as one of (if not the) most famous of Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings. Painted in 1889, under “a terrible need of religion” (Sund 673), the piece could very well be Van Gogh’s contemplation of death. Confirmed to have been completed sometime between June 16-18 (Whitney 356), the artist’s mental state could also have contributed to the creativity of the piece. The nature of this painting is slightly unusual for Van Gogh’s previous works because this one “did not paint on…

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  • Genius: A Short Summary And Analysis

    Genius is Dissension On a gloomy day in 399 BC, a prolific philosopher lost his life through execution for daring to question moral character and believe differently from the state. In 1663, a dignified astronomer paced his home in solitude after being placed under house arrest for proposing the preposterous hypothesis that the Earth revolves around the sun. In the spring of 2013, thousands of people roamed through an art exhibit displayed at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. The exhibit…

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  • Piet Mondrian The Gray Tree Analysis

    In the little Dutch Village of Aamersvoort, a kid by the name of Piet Mondrian was born on March seventh, 1872. Piet was the second child of four, with two brothers and one sister. As an Artist himself, bringing home the money off of his amateur art, Piet's dad, Pieter Cornelis Mondriaan Sr., saw that his child had a natural talent for drawing and painting and could give him lessons. His Uncle, Fritz Mondrian, was also an a fantastic painter and was self trained. Since he was a respectable…

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  • Vincent Van Gogh's Art Analysis

    Vincent van Gogh, who is amongst the most famous Post-Impressionist artists, who paintings are exceptionally unique. One characteristic that made Van Gogh’s art unique was his dramatic, yet expressive personal style he added on to his work. Van Gogh was an art dealer, teacher, and evangelist before he decided to pursue being an artist. When Van Gogh moved to Paris, it led to him gaining exposure to the Parisian avant-garde. From there, Van Gogh tailored Seurat’s pointillism, by applying…

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  • The Three Sphinxes Of Bikini Analysis

    It stands in natural beauty as seen in Remembrandt Hermanesz painting. It is a foreshadowing of what is to come as seen in Vincent van Hogh’s painting, and it reflects what did come and destroy as seen in Salvador Dali’s image, and the outcome that is now upon us as seen in Roxy Paine’s creation entitled Maelstrom. What is similar in the first three paintings is the way they were…

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  • Night Sky In Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night

    sense of intricate detail covering the entire horizon as far as the eye can see. Nature’s vastness contains power and encompasses a sense of motion, especially when glancing up at the night sky. Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh utilizes intricate brushstrokes to portray the nighttime. Van Gogh’s representation of the night sky utilizes colors and intricate brush strokes to portray a depiction of nature’s impact. “Such a painting as Starry Night… with the…

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  • Analysis Of Starry Night

    or to Not Create When I look back at the different periods of art, there are some that I admire. In those periods, I find artwork that is astonishing both in size and in artistic ability. I believe that I could have created Starry Night, by Vincent Van Gogh in 1889, because it is a piece that I enjoy to look at. I feel as though it speaks to me, and portrays somethings that I feel. However, I could never have created the sculpture St. Mark, by Donatello in 1413, because it was so intricate and…

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  • Post-Impressionism In Vincent Van Gogh's The Starry Night

    Expressionist Vincent Van Gogh created this painting in 1889, using oil on canvas. The Starry Night is considered to be one of the most famous works of art of all time and is the perfect idealization of Post-Impressionist Art. Post-Impressionism is the reaction of impressionists against the naturalism to discover line, form, color, and emotion. Van Gogh turned to art as an outlet for expressing his mental turmoil and depressed emotions, ideally represented in The Starry Night. Vincent Van Gogh…

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  • Personal Narrative: Stepping Into My House

    are making. By looking at the paining someone can practically hear the smashes and crashes of all the objects falling. Some replicas of famous artworks I’ve acquired are The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh, The Scream by Edvard Munch, The Son of Man by Rene Magritte, and Café Terrace at Night by Vincent Van Gogh. All these art pieces are framed with thin, but very elegant and nicely decorated corners. The art pieces are all very vibrant with colors. Some of these art pieces give off a rough…

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