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  • The Themes Of Feminism In Meet Me In St. Louis By Vincente Minnelli

    “A film is made up of a hundred or more hidden things,” Vincente Minnelli once said in an interview. The quote seems to sum up Minnelli’s layered film making style. In this essay I will be exploring the themes of feminism, one of the hundred or more hidden things in Minnelli’s work. The essay will move through the life of Minnelli, analysing films from both the beginning and end of his career in the context of the time in which they were made. Vincente Minnelli was born Lester Anthony Minnelli in Chicago on February 28 of 1903 into a theatrical family. His father and mother were both performers who travelled and owned half of the Minnelli Brothers’ Dramatic and Tent Theatre. Minnelli first worked as a child performer with his mother, then…

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  • Lust For Life Film Analysis

    the film was created. Ideology surrounding gender is highly important when analysing a film that centres around one man and how his represented rejection by women affected his life and art. Lust for Life established two key female characters that influence Gogh, one being his cousin Kee and the other a prostitute (Christine), who manifests as his love interest. The fact that both these women reject Gogh suggests that women were part of the driving force in cause his psychological depravity. The…

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  • The Clip Meet Me In St Louis Analysis

    The clip Meet Me in St. Louis has a central theme of utopia as presented in the elements of the film. Through elements such as color, music, movement, lighting and film perspective, the theme of merry, fairy tale like living is advanced. The director, Vincente Minnelli, delivers the thematic concern of the oblivion to hard realities that early families apparently led. In a way, the clip appears to be attempting at a ridicule expose on the triviality fussing that the people were living at the…

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