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  • Disguise In Twelfth Night Analysis

    As Viola cannot show her love for Orsino, the only way she can express them is in her soliloquies to the audience, this contributes to the dramatic ironies. I believe dramatic irony certainly adds to the magic of Twelfth Night. The disguise also causes mistaken identity, an example of this is when Sir Andrew goes looking for Cesario, finds who he thinks is Cesario, strikes him, the person however is, Sebastian. Sebastian hits him in return, but sevenfold, and Sebastian having been in Illyria only a few days is proposed to by a beautiful lady and is hit by a man he had never seen before, "are all the people mad" Sebastian says. This is an extremely funny series of events started by the disguise of one single woman. It is evident therefore, that the disguises of Viola / Cesario as an example are very important and central to the…

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  • Orchestra Compensation

    to another. Specific sounds from an instrument me be needed more than others. The violinist is in higher demand compared with the oboist and trombonist; possibly from the sound needed from the instrument in order for the orchestra to achieve a specific musical sound. As far as any other instruments compared with another, there could possibly be a lower or high demand for the instrument performer. The principle viola in comparison with the next highest paid viola has to do with the level of…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Most Outstanding Musician

    finished I was even more motivated to develop my skills. Around the second semester of school, Mrs.Burgess had told the class about a string quartet or quintet, I can remember which one it was, that she wanted to organize and for us to play in. She asked the class, “Hey guys, I want to start a small ensemble with you guys. We’re going to play a Lady Gaga Fugue!”. The class went silent as students in the tiny classroom thought about it for a couple of moments. Some kids eventually raised their…

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  • Textual Analysis: String Quartet

    movement lasts between four to five minutes and is the shortest of all Beethoven’s quartets but is integral to the piece because it helps build tension for the next movements. The second movement moves much faster than the first which gives off a rushed feeling and also relieves the buildup of tension from the first movement. The third movement is something entirely different than the first two in the sense that it is more folk like and doesn’t have a rushed feeling. The fourth movement is more…

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  • Bull Guitar History

    Like the bass and cello of today, violas da gamba were played downward, supported at the knees or the ankles: the term “da gamba” meaning “played at the leg”. Early viols had a varied number of strings, usually five or six, and were constructed with a basic fiddle outline: sloping shoulders, deep ribs, and functional bouts that provided clearance for the bow. Their bellies were gently arched with C shaped sound holes and the flat backs sloped in toward the neck (Fig 2). The thick, round neck…

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  • Orchestra Pay Structure Analysis

    trombonist. It could also be based on quality as well. Normally during an orchestra particular instruments such as the violin may have solo performances or get more solo playing time, therefore they are more valuable to the orchestra than the oboist and trombonist. 3. The pay difference between the principle viola and the next highest paid viola is $5,036-$2,483 = $2,553 and the difference between Principle trumpet and the next highest paid trumpet $4,233-3,638 = $595. The difference between…

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  • I Want To Be A Music Educator Essay

    Ever since I could remember, my father would always play our Steinway piano in our living room. The sound would always flow through the walls. My father would let me sit on the bench with him and I would press the keys down. The excitement that rushed through me was uncontrollable. When I was seven I had the privilege to take piano lessons. I was not enthusiastic about practicing, but I stuck with it for nine years. After my lessons stopped I continued to pursue piano as a serious hobby. I have…

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  • Viola In Twelfth Night

    Viola, a shipwreck survivor who has no where else to go finds herself lost in an unfamiliar city, with no protection. After losing her twin brother to the shipwreck, or so she thought, she and a few others land in the city of Illyria. As dreadful as it may seem, her last resort for safety on her own is to crossdress as a gentleman to get around. She disguises herself, as an alter ego she calls, “Cesario”. Violas actions speaks volumes once she encounters the mix-ups in Illyria. She finds herself…

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  • Viola Twelfth Night

    The protagonist of the play Twelfth Night is highly regarded as Shakespeare’s strongest and most developed female character by both critics and scholars. Viola is a cunning character who prompts a central issue in the play by disguising herself as a man; she provokes hetero- and homoerotic responses. Though Viola is a very intellectual woman, it is not her mind that stirs these emotions from Olivia and Orsino. Due to the soft and gentle features Viola has when in disguise, both males and females…

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  • Twelfth Night Viola Analysis

    In the play, Twelfth Night, by William Shakespeare viola survives a shipwrecked where she was separated from her twin brother, not knowing if he is dead or alive, in Illyria. Being as resourceful as viola is she decides to cross dress as a man and take a job at Duke Orinos court. This shows that viola is able to adapt to different things. She had a well-orchestrated plan in a foreign place, and that she is a strong character. “O, then unfold the passion of my love, Surprise her with discourse…

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