Vincent van Gogh

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  • Still Life With A Skull And A Writing Quill Analysis

    To attract and keep the attention of the audience in a genre as stale and traditional as still life painting can be a difficult task, but many painters have risen to the challenge in the hundreds of years since its invention. These methods are numerous and involve the exploration of tensions such as those that exist between abstraction and representation, or moralizing versus hedonistic. Considered one of the lowest types of art by the French Academy, Still Life with a Bottle of Rum, Shoes, and…

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  • Susan Wolf The Meaningings Of Lives Analysis

    In Susan Wolf’s paper “The Meanings of Lives,” she discusses the qualifications of and the innate human yearning for a meaningful and fulfilling life. The foundation for her argument lies in her three criterion for meaning which include involvement, purpose, and success. She then continues her argument by explaining the opposite of each of these criterion as a stereotypical person. However, Wolf’s assertion suffers from being overly general in that it makes the assumption that all humans have…

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  • Analysis Of Ephemeral 'Fugitive Contingent' By Charles Baudelaire

    see and be seen by their fellow Parisians. Painting en plein air, the Impressionists aimed to capture these fleeting moments through rapid, loose brushstrokes which saw a complete revolution in pictorial technique. Having lived in Paris, Gauguin, Van Gogh and Cézanne were actively involved with the Impressionist…

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  • Impression Sunrise By Georges Seurat Analysis

    The four painters I am choosing to discuss are: Claude Monet, Georges Seurat, Pablo Picasso, and Vincent van Gogh. Claude Monet was a famous French painter born on November 14, 1840(“Claude Monet”). His painting style centered more on light and form than realism, and was called impressionism. Monet showed an interest in drawing at an early age. He drew caricatures of his teachers. Eugene Boudin introduced him to painting outdoors which contributed greatly in Monet’s work. He was known…

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  • Art Analysis: Cypresses By Vincent Van Gogh

    compositions one can tell the brushes or movement that the artist took upon his or her artwork. Throughout the museum field trip, there were two paintings that were intriguing that caught my attention. The first painting called “Cypresses” by Vincent van Gogh is an oil canvas that was created on 1889. This is an asymmetrical balance of the anterior because of the tall vertical trees are weighing toward the left side of the painting. The artist used an impasto technique in the painting where it…

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  • What Is The Role Of Art In The Starry Night

    I think about the way the pack of 64 crayola crayons revolutionized the way I colored in my coloring books. I think about my 3rd grade version of Vincent van Gogh’s painting, The Starry Night, is in my mom’s bathroom. When I painted it as a eight-year-old I enjoyed the piece of art for its simplistic bright colors and the mere fact that because van Gogh used paint to create it, I also got to use paint. Now my feelings are mixed and they’ve changed. I’ve experienced more life and more feeling…

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  • Visual Analysis Of Starry Night

    When Vincent Van Gogh created this painting he had to have thought out the design greatly because it is bursting with plenty of elements and principles of design. The design aspects of this painting are great and lead you all over the place to give you a story and understanding of the painting. Starry Night has many design elements and principles. Van Gogh used the primary triad in this painting. Blue is heavily used throughout the whole piece. Yellow is used mostly in the top part of the…

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  • Museum Analysis Sample

    person, works of art from the great artists such as Monet and Van Gogh. When we arrived outside of the Museum I remember thinking that it was much larger than I recalled. It was a little overwhelming with different groups of students arriving, however, we were quickly organized, greeted and off and running to…

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  • Post Impressionism In Art

    The earlier art period; Impressionism is a distinctive time in art history that took place from 1870-1890. Artists during this period focused on ordinary subjects and objects found in nature. They paid close attention to optical effects, and how the light reflected off their subjects during different times of the day. Painters during this period were known as “Impressionist’s”. Characteristics of Style An impressionist painting is identified by the characteristics of small, thin yet, visible…

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  • Wheat Fields After The Rain By Vincent Van Loauver

    Jake Seavy Carol Lorenz Humanities: Museum Paper 12/7/2016 The Plain of Auvers The title of the piece I chose is “Wheat Fields after the Rain (The Plain of Auvers).” It is painted by Vincent van Gogh in July of 1890. The painting has various shades of green, yellow and blue. The sky is a light blue that has clouds that were painted in a circular pattern and it takes up about 1/3 of the picture. “The sky appears to stand a good several inches behind the horizon, the plain looks gradational by…

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