Four Wooden Sculpture Analysis

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Finial, a gilt bronze ornament created in the 18th century and currently displayed in the Arts of Asia department, has a two visual elements, shape and space. This art piece has organic shape where there is the wavy form of water and bodies of two fish. These two organic shapes contribute to the piece as they exist in the same environment. In Buddhism art, fish in water represent happiness because they are free to swim in the water. This 3D piece has a geometric circle shape that connects every piece of the ornament together, including the water and fish. The artwork leaves areas of holes within the inside of the circle indicating a type of space in visual elements. This is done to express the freedom of the fish in water as the artist incorporated patches of space instead of filling them in. Unity and …show more content…
In the painting Four Wooden Sculptures (Vier Holzplastiken) (recto)/ Ice Skater (Schlittschuhläufer) (verso), by Ernest Ludwig Kirchner two visual elements present are color and space. In both pieces, the artist uses the colors brown, black, red, white, green and blue in both paintings. In the ice skater piece, the blue symbolizes the sky, white equals snow, green means the ground, the brown and red colors outline the figure, the black shows the ice skates and face and gives the figure a sense of human form and the tan color shows the skin of the figure. In Four Wooden Sculptures, the blue, green, and red colors detail the room that the figures are in, with the exception of the blue figure on the ground. White is used as color of the figures where as black is used to

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