Media Coverageage Of Women In Sports Essay

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Author- Anisha Dixit

ABSTRACT: Although there has been a steady increase in the number of women professionals over the past 20-30 years. Most mainstream newspaper coverage continues to rely on men as experts in the fields of business, politics and economics. Women in the news are more because of stories about accidents, rape cases and domestic violence than in stories about their professional abilities. While the coverage of women’s sport across the world is already not equal to that of male’s .Often the publicity focuses on everything else but their sporting abilities. Sports became the most interesting area of media coverage among different stream. As it has got its most important status in the world’s media to popularize the newspaper, there is a distinct lack of comparative research on the media coverage of Sports. Sports are an important component of our life as it refreshes our mind and soul. It ushers in a spirit of competitiveness. Yet,
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Interestingly, the coverage of Women Sports for both the newspapers is fairly low compared to the total percentage. Women sports in The Hindu constitutes of only 24 (10.09 %) whereas for The Times of India it is only 56 (5.67%). Therefore, a greater share of percentage in coverage of Sports News is about Male Sporting events and Female Sports events get minimal coverage.Hence, we can conclude that there is discrimination towards coverage of women sports in the leading English Dailies
Women Sports has no coverage in the First page of both the Newspapers. Out of total 589 (52.82%) sports items covered in The Hindu only 46 covers Women’s Sports. The Times of India has covered 526 (47.17%) items out of which Women’s sports is meagre 14 in number. Hence, it can be concluded that the Women Sporting Events are a neglected lot when compared to men’s sporting events and it has not received any coverage in the Front

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