Women's Sports Research Paper

When you hear about sports, what do you hear about more Men or women’s sports? Other than the rare occasion women’s sports have commonly been looked down upon and have been treated less important then men’s sports, but as much as it seems that women’s sports aren’t treated as equals with men’s sports we have come a long way in the last hundred and fifteen years. An examination of women’s participation in the Olympics, media coverage of women’s sports and the recent women’s FIFA world cup will show that the 2000’s are the golden age for women’s sports.

It wasn’t long ago that women first joined the Olympics. It was on May 14 Oct. 28 1900 that 22 women first got to partake in the Paris Olympics, in only five sports: tennis, croquet,
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(Fact sheet women in the Olympics p.1.) As the years went on more and more female athletes were allowed to take part in the Olympics’ setting new records like Jackie Joyner kersee who has been called the world’s greatest athlete. She competed in 4 back to back Olympics (1984-1996) and won three gold, one silver and two bronze medals. She helped to show young girls that hat they can be as good as men. “If a young female sees my dreams and goals come true, they will realize their dreams and goals might also come true.”(Jackie Joyner-Kersee Quotes p 1& 2) On July 7th 2007 the international Olympic committee (IOC) added a rule to the Olympic charter stating that the IOC 's role is: “to encourage and support the promotion of women in sport at all levels and in all structures with a view to implementing the principle of equality of men and women.” (Women In Sport Commission | Olympic.org." p 1) Ever since then female participation in the Olympics has been rapidly increasing. At the 2012 Olympic games in London 44% of the participants were women. Therefore, some women today are even competing in sports that …show more content…
In the 1991 FIFA world cup there were 19,615 spectators who came to watch the games from around the world, Consequently the games were treated with much enthusiasm as the first games began in People’s Republic of china. It was an extraordinary tournament for women’s sports because there were six female referees and assistant referees appointed for matches for the first time in FIFA history. Furthermore the teams that participated were Group A: China, Norway, Denmark, New Zealand Group B: United States, Sweden, Brazil, and Japan, Sweden Group C: Germany, Italy, Chinese Taipei, Nigeria. Therefore the 26 games soon ended with an average of 3.8 goals scored per game and the US coming out on top as the victors of the first ever women’s FIFA world cup. As the years went on a lot of attention was put on the women’s FIFA world cup as it started getting more important, but the resent 2015 women’s FIFA world cup proved to be the most substantial one yet. Breaking a vast amount of records for television audiences with an average of 2.8 million views in Canada alone. “These impressive viewing figures show just how popular the FIFA Women’s World Cup and women’s football are becoming all over the world,” said Niclas Ericson, FIFA’s Director of TV. This FIFA world cup was the largest and longest one yet with 24 teams qualifying which is double the amount in

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