Exemplification Essay: The Benefits Of A College Education

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As I look forward to and past my upcoming graduation, I am staring at the prospect of being poor for the next fifteen years, minimum. I just hope it doesn 't turn into twenty. As my classmates and I race towards the next stage of our lives, certain things are becoming clear. Some of these epiphanies pertain to certain groups, while others are universal. Some students have to come to grips with the prospect of never playing in a competitive athletic event again. Others struggle to accept the inevitability of leaving their friends. Still, some teenagers defy the mold of defiant, self-sufficient, ambitious high school graduates, and have difficulty leaving their parents and families. Whatever problems we face individually, the one universal question …show more content…
It is extremely common today to see students pay a great deal of money for a college education, and then not go into a field that has the capability of earning the kind of money that they just spent. The simple, yet hard truth is that some majors are not worth the price. Now, I am not saying that college is not necessary or not a good buy for anyone. There are obvious careers that need a college education for quality insurance. Doctors are a good example. I don 't think anyone would argue that doctors don 't need to obtain a college education. On the other hand, there are quite a few students every year that pays as much to go to school as the doctors, without the possibility of even making half of what they will eventually make. If I am going to go to college, I am going to make sure that I use the experience to become something that will have the ability to pay for my time spent learning. As I do want to be a medical doctor, and they are compensated well for their work, I feel most prepared in this aspect of my college financial preparation. However, I acknowledge that I am not the average college student, and that for many, this could be a major

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