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  • Midwestern High School Reunion Case Study

    The Reunion: A Pastiche of The Visit “A little to the left” said Charlie as he directed Dan on where to place the banner with the words, “Welcome Back Midwestern High School Class of 1995!” Charlie has been planning this reunion for almost a year now. He straightened his name tag which read, “Charlie Johnson: Senior Class President” and had a not so flattering picture of his days with braces in the top corner. He has been anxious about this event for a while now. Rumours have been circulating that Zack Goldson, Midwestern’s most successful alumni, will be attending the reunion. Nobody in Hickory has seen him since graduation, but then again it seemed that no one seemed to notice him while he was in High School. Zack was what most people would label as a “nerd.” He spent every hour not studying for a test 3 weeks away in his room alone building things that did not really have any practical use to anyone but himself. Charlie noticed that the drink station was lacking a water station.…

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  • The Three Categories Of Science Fiction

    Science Fiction is an extremely popular TV genre, with its proof being its long-running longevity through the history of television. There can also noticeably be three forms of science fiction; ‘stories of travel through space (to other worlds, planets, stars), stories of travel through time (into the past or into the future) and stories of imaginary technologies (machinery, robots, computers, cyborgs and cyber culture)’ (VIII, Roberts, Adam. 2006) it is through these three categories that…

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  • Creative Writing: Return To London

    The noise of high heels dancing on the wooden floorboards echoes through the cold, empty, deserted rooms of the compact London flat, that she had called home for the last few years.Eyes closed, she drinks in the memories, smells and sounds. Moving from room to room, revisiting happy times and events, absorbing them to her mind’s eye for the long lonely nights that she thinks lay ahead. Suddenly Sarah Jane stops and stands like a statue frozen in time. Here in a state of numbness, within the…

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  • Analysis Of The Downside Of Resilience By Jay Belsky

    This article is written by Maanvi Singh and the purpose is to reach out to parents and explain that children and teenagers that are popular in a school setting have studies linked to most of them showing signs of depression, drug, and alcohol use. These teenagers that try to act cool are also more likely to have trouble managing friendships as they get older and by the time most of them are done college their popularity has faded out. Joseph Allen is a psychologist with the University of…

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  • Personal Narrative: Chinese Lunar

    I am an introverted and undemonstrative girl from birth. I seldom talk and I scare to share my feeling to others, especially someone is a stranger. A person who is not included in a group. This is named outsider. I am in one of them. Occasionally, I ask myself, “Be an outsider, is positive or negative?” However, there is no answer. When I was five years old, I hated to go to school not because of I didn’t like to study, but because of I didn’t like to work with the math teacher. In my memory,…

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  • Thanksgiving In China

    the special foods in China, Li mentioned that, “they do not celebrate Thanksgiving in China”. Now that didn’t really surprise me that don’t celebrate Thanksgiving because that is an American holiday. However, what did surprise me is that they celebrate a holiday called Moon Festival, which is their version of Thanksgiving. During Moon Festival, they all gather together, give their thanks and pray. While Moon Festival is happening, they eat a special cake called moon cake. In Chinese culture, a…

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  • Reflective Essay: Lessons Of A Childhood Graduate

    travel to the East Coast to visit my relatives, I am greeted with hugs and kisses. The love they show me feels limitless. They have taught me to appreciate one another and enjoy the little moments together. As I have learned, family also means being dependable. I know I can depend on my family for anything and they feel the same way towards me-we have each others backs. If my sister forgot her lunch, she knows I am there to make a quick run to the store. If I have a big game the next day, my…

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  • Reflective Sequency Assessment

    I find this spot on. "I want time to do my work neatly". I do not like to be rushed into finishing a project or assignment. If I know I have a deadline, I start working on it immediately to avoid turning it in late. For example, I see that we have an assignment for school due on Thursday. I also see the list of tasks we are asked to complete on this specific day. I went ahead and started on what I thought would be the most time consuming on a different day. Once I felt that was done and out of…

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  • Critique Oftede's Annual Report

    evidence of relation, f. ex., marriage certificate, which is very hard to receive for refugees who are out of the home country or if their home country typically does not provide such documents; relationships with children should also be proved by birth certificate or even DNA evidence. For other relationships (dependent adults, adopted children, etc.) different rules apply. In addition to very strict criteria for eligibility, which includes a test for knowledge of the language, there is also a…

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  • Argumentative Essay: The Four Day School Week

    the idea of a four day school week. Most students are accustomed to the normal five day school week with the concept of a two day weekend. However, recent studies have shown that shortening the school week will increase the productivity of the district due to the fact that they would have to pay for transportation on one less day of the week. Also, recent evidence points to a drop in drop out rates and absences, and that test scores and grades have increased in school districts that have…

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