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  • Shintaro's Loss In The High School Band

    How much the individual was invested or involved with the lost variable changes how much it affects them when the variable suddenly disappears; the more the person was related to the variable, the more it affects the said person. At times, even outsiders feel the aftershocks of sudden disappearance, although how they deal with the loss is different than the person who was directly involved with the absent variable. The story between Shintaro and Ayano from Jin’s song Toumei Answer is similar to how the narrator of “The High School Band” perceives the practicing high school band’s routine. Although Shintaro’s loss may be incomparable with the narrator’s loss, the same feeling of the once spectator affected by an absence is undeniably similar. The poem starts out in a warm September morning setting, the narrator describing a high school band that “is up with the birds and marches…

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  • Jazz Band In High School

    I’m a freshman, and I’m trying to get acclimated to my life in the high school and just like every high school freshman; I’m trying to show upperclassmen and teachers what I’m all about. The high school jazz band was the finest ensemble in the school for me to showcase my musical ability, specifically playing the saxophone. I’ve spent my life looking up to the jazz band at local performances. It was my dream to play in that prestigious group. I thought I did well during the audition. I was…

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  • Non Girly: Band In Middle School

    “Why bother being like everybody else when when you could do your own thing?” my eldest sister told me when I joined band in the sixth grade. In middle school I decided to play a brass instrument which was not popular for a girl to play. Most of my friends had chosen a woodwind either a flute, clarinet or saxophone. I was told it was a non girly instrument and that it was lame choice. But I ignored then and stuck to what I believed was the right choice for me. The first day of school arrived and…

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  • Penzville High School Marching Band Summary

    SUMMARY Phil Smith is the band director for the Penzville High School Marching Band. The band won this year’s regional band contest and they have been asked to march in the Magnolia Bowl Parade on New Year’s Day. Phil had put in considerable time and energy to turn this band around from just a few members into a full-size band. He sacrificed time away from his family and friends to improve the band. The band is the pride of the town of Penzville. Just before the Thanksgiving holiday.…

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  • What Is The Importance Of Quitting Band In Middle School

    It was the second week middle school when my band teacher had asked for me to stay after class: “Rachel you should think about quitting the band.” At that moment, I had felt my mind go blank; I was devastated. I had always known I was a bit behind in learning the notes and developing the sound of my tone; however, I had never once thought about quitting band. I loved music; just turning on the radio brightened my mood. I felt impatient in my other classes, waiting until I could go and pick up my…

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  • Music Education In A Multicultural Setting Analysis

    for many churches, which does make its way into schools by using Christmas music for concerts. This is something that affects people who do not have a religion or other people who have different religions other than Christianity. According to Adria…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Interview With A Musician

    He has since than been playing the instrument for 25 plus years. James told me the person who influenced him to play the bass guitar was “Les Clay Pool,” from the band called “Primus”. His first performance was when he was 19 years old. He played with his very first band named (IN) which was a punk rock band. They performed at a bar named the “Token Lounge,” which is located in Westland, MI. During his time as a musician he’s played many shows. His favorite gigs to play are outdoor festivals.…

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  • Personal Narrative: How Music Changed My Life

    the creator. Dreaming of being in front of crowds and seeing nothing but smiles and watching people groove to the rhythm. I began writing down my thoughts, studying bands and I even changed my style. Long hair, skinny jeans, the works. I joined a band with the best guitarist I knew. Despite me being tone deaf then we managed to make a song and play it for everyone we knew. This was a triumphant victory, to me. To my guitarist, this was a bore. Growing weary of the duo he departed with two of…

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  • An Interview With My Mother

    enjoyed while she was a high school student in her generation. My mother response was that she enjoyed much of the popular music at the time but leaned towards rock bands. Growing up in the Seattle area, she enjoyed listening to bands such as Nirvana and Pearl Jam because of their local connection. She said that as a teenager she didn 't listen to as much music as her peers but still enjoyed listening to the music on the radio and her cassette player! I then asked, what was your favorite concert…

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  • 'Fiesta': A Feminist Analysis

    Though it did lead to licensing deals in other movies and the band was invited to perform in the film Vendetta, with Roger Corman. Song placements followed in Reform School Girls, and the Goonies which gave Gehman the initiative to find new members. Tasked with the search for a new guitarist and rhythm section, Flores was replaced with guitarist Kathryn Grimm, another graduate of the Musicians Institute. The swing to the music disappeared as it was a feeling that Grimm could not grasp and as…

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