Personal Narrative: Greenville High School Tiger Pride Marching Band

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In high school, I remember where my biggest dream changed into a reality. I was a member of the Greenville High School Tiger Pride Marching Band. I played the alto saxophone. Unlike my bandmates, I did not know how to read music then. I played by ear, and whatever scale, jazz run, or chromatic I heard, I could play it back just like that. I played at numerous of black history programs and different events at school. My favorite saxophonist was Kenneth Williams, and I told myself that I want to play with him. Who knew that my dream would come true. As I pushed through the metal doors of Greenville High School carrying my saxophone in my left hand, I could feel my stomach doing summersaults. Walking down the dark, shadowy corridor, I noticed that my hands begin to sweat and that my heart begin to race. Why I am feeling like this? Oh yeah, I forgot I am opening up for the band concert and banquet tonight. I walked through the senior and junior courtyard and I start to say a prayer, “Lord, I am very nervous and scared, but I know that you haven’t given me the spirit of fear. If you will, let me play this music with passion not for my …show more content…
I walked into the band room and I opened my case to put my Yamaha YAS-23 alto saxophone together. My friend AJ walked in and he excitedly asked, “What’s up bro? Are you ready to do this?” I slapped his hand and said, “What’s up bro? Yeah, I’m ready to kill it one last time. This gone be a night to remember.” Aj looked at me and said, “Man, I’m just glad that you wanted me to play with you!” I replied, “Now bro, you are one of my closest friends and the baddest piano player in Greenville. I got to jam out with you one more time before I graduate!” Laughing and patting my back he said, “No doubt bro! Well, I’m going to check and see if my system set up correctly, I’ll see you in a minute.” I said, “Okay bro I coming right behind

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