Jazz Band In High School

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I’m a freshman, and I’m trying to get acclimated to my life in the high school and just like every high school freshman; I’m trying to show upperclassmen and teachers what I’m all about. The high school jazz band was the finest ensemble in the school for me to showcase my musical ability, specifically playing the saxophone. I’ve spent my life looking up to the jazz band at local performances. It was my dream to play in that prestigious group. I thought I did well during the audition. I was confident and professional, and I was content to get any spot in the group. After another easy day of concert band, I packed my saxophone up and walked to the door. What happened next happened so quickly I barely remember it happening. I walked up to the door, saw the audition results, read my name next to “Alto Saxophone I”, and calmly putting my saxophone away without a second thought to what I just read. That is not like me at all. I’m the type of person to celebrate everything and brag about an achievement I worked hard for. It hit me about 5 minutes later that I was 2 months into my freshman year and already was the leader of the most …show more content…
My family is extremely musical. My mom is a music teacher and my dad played drums throughout his life. In fourth grade when I held my saxophone for the first time, I was a leg up from the rest of the class. I felt this way during the rest of my childhood playing the saxophone. I was offered a chance to bring my skill set and overall musical knowledge and ability up a notch when my mom contacted another teacher in our district. He has been playing saxophone since his childhood and has been giving lessons since he was in high school. To this day he remains one of the best saxophonists I’ve ever heard in person. During my freshman year, my jazz band director said I sound very similar to my teacher, and that was one of the best compliments that I have ever

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