Athletes Should Get Paid Essay

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A lot of people would disagree with me when I say soldiers shouldn’t make more money than athletes, but i assure you I can turn them into believers. It would take too much money for the government to pay soldiers as much money as athletes are paid. Also anybody can sign up to be a soldier.It takes a lot of skill and dedication to be an athlete. Lastly if the government started giving people a lot of money everybody will want to join. The government is on a tight budget these days. According to professionals at the U.S. spends 598.5 billion dollars on the military. The U.S spends more on it than anything else. If the U.S gives soldiers athlete wages then the cost of military might go up a few more billions of …show more content…
If we don’t have enough money to give soldiers today $200,000 then we will surely not have enough to pay the thousands of people who will join the military for the money. The government will also have to buy extra guns and supplies for the new people joining. The government spends $153.531 billion on the soldiers according to If a lot more people joined the military that amount would at least double. As you can see, paying military soldiers as much as athletes would be as unthinkable as revising the laws of gravity. We would soon lose our superpower status and fall into a third world country. Athletes also work hard to become an athlete unlike soldiers who just head to a recruiter and sign up. Finally if soldiers were paid athlete wages then everybody would want to join the army which would plunge the US into a deep economical crisis. If we do give soldiers athlete wages then the US would fall into the biggest economic problem it has ever seen. We might never come back from

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