Teachers Are Not Getting Paid Essay

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Many teachers around the United States are struggling to make a living off of the pay they are making. Teachers are not getting paid enough for the amount of time, work, and effort they put in every day to help us get the highest level of education. Why should teachers not be able to teach the bare minimum when they are getting paid the bare minimum amount? Teachers put their heart and soul into making sure we get the education we need to be successful in life but, are getting paid pretty much nothing compared to other jobs for doing so. They take a lot of time out of their personal lives to help their students when needed, grading papers and work, and having to prepare for what they will be teaching the class. Parents will always blame the …show more content…
Rachel explains “I can afford groceries each week. I have running water, electricity, and both my husband and I have working (ish) vehicles. We make it. But just barely” (Wiley, 3). Teachers go into this job field for wanting to help the kids extend their education and knowing they will not be getting paid enough, but they should be getting paid a way more decent amount then they are now. Almost everyone goes to school during their lifetime to get a better education and the teachers are the ones teaching us. Teachers should not have to be living paycheck by paycheck. With the small amount the government is paying teachers, they have enough to pay their bills and purchase groceries but not much left for spending money. Lisette says, “It’s no secret that you won’t get rich on a teacher’s salary, but that doesn’t mean that teachers should struggle to afford a middle-class life or find themselves eligible for public assistance” (Partelow 1). Most people would not be where they are now if it were not for their teachers. Teachers should not be just barely making it; they should be getting paid more for all the work they do for

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