Iep Meeting Analysis

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What are the roles of each participant in the IEP team (include the student)? In the IEP video there was a cast of members present in the IEP meeting for Dominic. Some of the major roles of the meeting was the IEP team coordinator who was also the special education teacher of the school. During the meeting she was the one who would facilitate and guide the meeting. She did this by asking, guiding, and answering questions between the other team members and parents of Dominic. The special education teacher was poise and well prepared for the meeting and had exhibited prior knowledge about the student who the meeting was focused on. There was also a scribe amongst the team. Her role was to take notes during the meeting and to update forms relating …show more content…
The role of the general education teacher was to provide perspective of how the student interacts within the classroom. The general education teacher also helped identify Dominic’s strengths and weaknesses within the classroom. She also provided insight on how to accommodate Dominic’s needs by using assistive technology to complete his work more efficiently.
What were some key aspects of the overall meeting you observed? Why do you think they are
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By looking at previous helps the team create the new goal because they can see where the student is at and what they have done towards that goal. Also, another important aspect of goal making is that it is not permanent, these goals can be altered later to meet the needs of the student. What cultural considerations could be made throughout this IEP meeting? During this IEP meeting culture did not play a huge part. For culture to be referenced during the meeting is for the team to research prior to the meeting the student’s family background. The team could incorporate interests of the student within the IEP meeting based of the student’s culture and background. Also, it would be important to know the students culture because some cultures do not recognize kids with disabilities. This would be important to know how to communicate with the parents during the meeting without offending their culture or background.

What if the student was an English language learner and his parents spoke little to no

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