Summary Of Special Education Case Study Brianna

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Case study Bryanna is one case from the thousands of children that struggle every day to learn inside their classrooms. Using the ten basic steps in special education we can find the correct path for every student with special needs.

Step number one
Child is identified as possibly needing special education and related services.
Bryanna was found under average in every Math and Reading Assessment, her scores where very low for what she was required to do. She began receiving intervention in the second grade and continued in the third grade with no progress. She was consider “at risk” since her math and reading scores where unsatisfactory. She was referred to
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The Parents agreement in her matter is very important; they must consent before any service is given to Bryanna for te he very first time. When the Parents consent and the IEP meeting is written she can start receiving special services.

After the IEP is Written Services are Provided.
The school is responsible to assure that everything that was written in the IEP is accomplished. Everyone that is involved in Brianna’s education process has access to her IEP. Special accommodation and modifications are made to secure her education. In Bryannas case she would be moved to a special resource classroom with a Special Education Teacher expertise in speech and language. She will be attending her regular classroom to assure inclusion and Social support, however she will be “pull out” to the special resource class 3 days a week, 45 min a day.
The resource classroom and the special education teacher will focus on her specific need and set goals that she can
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Parents and teachers are invited to review her IEP and give any suggestions about her case, although Parents can agree or disagree on any decision and make changes with her placement.
In Brianna’s case, her scores are getting better, although she is reaching her goals in a low pace she is giving effort to her studies every day.

Child is Reevaluated
Bryanna enter the resource classroom in her third grade, every year her parents and teachers and the IEP team discuss her achievements and goals. She has been going to a special resource classroom three times a week for three years now. Accordingly there is an evaluation every three years called a “triennial” The purpose of this evaluation is to decide if the student stays in special education or not. In Brianna’s case her Parents and the school team decided that she would continue her Middle School studies inside special resource classroom.

Given the above, Brianna’s case study is complex and has many details in the process. Consequently the goal is for her to reach her learning goals.
It can be concluded that this is one student from thousands of others that need individualized education programs, since every student is important in every

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