Teachers Career Research Paper

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Teachers Sometimes researching a career is a difficult thing to do. My career topic that I researched is a teacher. I have always loved helping little kids do things. I want them to grow up and realize that I had helped them get through these types of things. I researched this career because I work with my little sister and help her do her homework. Another reason is because I love watching the kids progress every day. After researching the career of a teacher, I have decided to pursue this career.
Concerning typical daily tasks, teachers have many things to do. Teachers are engaged almost all day long. Teachers are constantly doing school work 24/7. They are constantly grading tests or assignments (“Task List” 1). My mom is a third grade
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Teaching back a while ago was out of all the books. When it comes to being a teacher some of them don 't like how it has changed. Now days when it comes to teaching it is all electronically done (“Common Work Activities” 1). I would like for it to all go back to just being books. Sometimes the computers never work and people can 't do things. Also if the kids have to do homework they usually have to have internet and not all kids have internet at home. For me it doesn 't matter to me how far I have to travel to be with kids. I love kids so much I would drive anywhere for them. Teachers work about 8 to 9 a day (“Working Conditions” 1). When it comes to teaching I love working with kids. When it comes to working with them, I will do anything. Also when we are an elementary teacher we definitely need to watch the weather conditions. If it is raining teachers need to have things ready for inside recess. When it comes to teaching they are always moving. That doesn 't mean in a chair always. Teachers are constantly busy and don’t stop doing things. They are always on there feet and moving (“Physical Demands” 1). I think they should be able to wear shoes that are comfortable for them to wear. Some people have things wrong with there feet and/or ankles that need …show more content…
Teachers need to be able to do simple things for every subject that they teach. If they become the top teacher for their grade that they teach they need to probably need to know more than the other teachers that they work with. Teachers need to know simple Mathematics, English, Science, and History (“Knowledge” 1). I feel like when it comes to math they need to know how to do simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. There are many things they need to know about English also. Teachers just need to know a lot about things they need to teach. There are many things that teachers need to be a teacher. They need to pass all the classes that they take in high school to graduate. Teachers definitely have to graduate college to become a teacher. A few important ones would be a high school diploma, bachelor’s degree, and also training (“Preparation” 1). To be a teacher the minimum years in college students need to take is four years. If we go for four years that let 's us only get our bachelor’s degree. I don 't really think most colleges take a GED for being a

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