Ritalin Should Be Banned In Schools

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As behavioral disorders like ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) become more popularly diagnosed in children it’s no surprise that there have been more children prescribed psychiatric medication like Ritalin. According to the CDC (Center of Disease
Control) there are currently 5.9 million children that have been diagnosed with ADHD(1), of these 9.5 million children two-thirds of them are taking Ritalin or medications similar to it(1).
Although Ritalin and similar medications can be beneficial to children with ADHD. Ritalin should only be prescribed with thorough diagnosis from pediatricians alongside with educated parents and teachers of what ADHD is truly and what is not.
Since the Ritalin started to be used for ADHD back in the
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Lastly the teachers are also a contributory factor is the overprescribing of Ritalin to children. Opponents would say that because teachers are with a child for majority of the day they should be able to recognize when a child should be evaluated and recommend Ritalin as

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According to a Wisconsin survey of 250 psychologists showed that 77 percent of all initial referrals for an ADHD examination came from teachers not parents.() Although teachers are with a child most of the day it doesn’t give them the right to recommend a child to be medicated. That should only be able to be determined by expert in pediatric psychiatry. There is a trend that is happening here. Any and all symptoms of ADHD has to be ADHD. It seems like these teachers are not thinking of the other reasons behind some of the behaviors that children have and what could cause them. Teachers can pretty much force a parent to medicate their child by threatening to have child to be removed from school, and for some parents they don’t have a choice and do what they have to in order for their child to attend that school. It is a heinous crime and should be corrected.
Although Ritalin can actually help a child that truly has ADHD, it should not be given without a thorough diagnosis from a professional and education given to parents and teachers of what ADHD is truly and when Ritalin should be used. If these things are done then the upsurge that we have seen in the prescribing of Ritalin would finally begin to subside and our children would definitely benefit from

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