Argumentative Essay On Psychotropic Drugs

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In the United States, there has been a rapid increase of Americans with a prescription for psychotropic medications. Pharmacutical companys are spending more on advertizing, as well as, influencing doctors to push their products on to more patients and in larger quantities. There has been much controversy raised about whether or not regular medical doctors have enough training to accurately prescribe psychotropic drugs to mental health patients verses psychiatrists; however, shouldn’t all doctors know everything about what they are prescribing before they precribe it? One aspect of prescriptions that some doctors many over-look, patients may not be aware of, and is a quickly growing problem in the United States is the potential for abuse of …show more content…
To often, doctors push highly addictive pills on patients with-out even discussing the therapy option. In studies, therapy has shown better results than medication for mental health patients, without dealing with all the side effects as well. Also, their is shown to be a lower rate of mental health relapse in patients that have done psycho-therapy. Unfortunately, doctors that base there diagnoses on meds tend to loose their skills for therapy(Smith B.). Roughly half the people on a new medication experienced a placebo effect and reported that the new med was working stated Steven Hollon Ph.D Vanderbilt University. In 2011, the British government invested £400 million over the next four years to increase patient access to psychotherapy to treat depression and anxiety disorders(Smith B.). If therapy is safer and works better, shouldn’t doctors push therapy and not anti-anxiety medications that can cause potentially harmful side effects and are highly …show more content…
A recent study from the University of South Carolina found that 17 percent of college kids, or 1 in 6, misuses ADHD drugs(Williams, P.). ADHD meds are believed to improve academic performance; inversely however, there are no studies that show an increase in academic progress while abusing the medication without a prescription. “I think it’s easy for people to assume that ADHD medication gives my kid an unfair advantage, but what it gives him is a fighting chance.” says Ariel McGovern, a Florida mother of two children diagnosed with ADHD(Williams, P.). Stimulant meds such as Ritalin(Methylin) and Adderall(Amphetamine salts) are used in the treatment of ADHD in youths in elementary school all the way into adulthood, but it isn’t until adolescense that abuse becomes a major problem. Currently 8% of youths are diagnosed with ADHD and receive years of medications from their doctors and many end up abusing them. Not to mention that 1 in 10 patients are mis-diagnosed with this disorder and are taking unnessicary meds for it. The serious side effects from stimulant abuse includes perminate damage to blood vessels, heart attack, stroke, and even death in high doses(Dingfelder, S.).
With the abuse of medications, comes distribution and sales among friends and peers. Like stimulants, abused anti-anxiety meds are considered to the United States Government as Schedule Drug, which means it is illegal to

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