Analysis Of Treatments For Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

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Let’s face it. The current treatment for Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is far from ideal. When medications for ADHD became available, parents were happy that their adolescents would finally be able to live a normal, social life. Although the treatments for ADHD help some adolescents, they can also be problematic. Adolescents with ADD/ADHD should not have to take medication for it. Medications for ADHD often have unwanted side effects, are often abused by teenagers and young adults, and there are better, more natural alternative treatments for ADHD that you can use.
Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder is the most commonly diagnosed mental disorder of children and teens. One in every twenty-five adolescents are diagnosed with this disorder every day. Adolescents and children with ADHD may be
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There are so many better, more natural ways to treat ADHD in your child. Not only do these alternative treatments help with ADHD but they can also help with depression, anxiety, and stress. Some natural remedies are exercise, therapy, a better diet, and EEG Biofeedback.
Studies show that “work before play” is effective. Not for kids with ADHD. Let your child jump on a trampoline for a couple hours, try yoga, and let them play for a while. Playing outside before doing homework has been proven to help children get settled down and happy. It helps because when they come inside they are ready to sit down and relax, use that time for studying or doing homework. They can sit down and do a task without wondering off or looking out the window.
Transcendental meditation is also a great way to naturally treat ADD/ADHD. After about three months of meditation, symptoms of this disorder will significantly reduce. Your child will show significant reductions in moodiness, stress, and anxiety. Meditation improves different parts of the brain, including focus, memory, and

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