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“Obviously teachers wear many hats…” - Holtrop (1997). As an experienced teacher, you are already prepared to be flexible and being a new teacher, you must remember that your description will change on a daily basis. All roles of a teacher are similar to that of a guide. Guides lead you down new paths; they walk beside you on the journey never in front of you.
Which of the roles you read about, do you think are important?
1. The Assessor -The role of the assessor is to know that assessment is very important in the classroom.
2. Citizenship, Community and Pastoral - Where you have to practice a critical but ethical attitude. You have to be supportive and respectful towards a situation.
3. Lifelong learner and scholar - In your everyday
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I have seen that the roles I have chosen will all be able to make me a better teacher if I put my goals into them. Such as knowing that being an assessor is very important; knowing that I should be able to do more assessments with the learners to see where they are not coping; taking the role to help a child in need if there are known problems at his or her house, whether it is financially or with the parents; knowing to help the learner in a respectful, ethical manner; learning new things every day. I must remember that I will never be too old to learn new things in my subject. I will either learn something from my students or even from the people I am working with. I will need to always be more open to learning and improving myself. I need to have the knowledge, skills, values, principles, methods and procedures to be a specialist in my field. No one will become the best overnight; you have to work for it. Design new learning programs for your classroom. Look at the needs of your learners and create something original to help them with the needs you have discovered. Being a facilitator is going between, someone who facilitates a dialogue and makes it possible for an idea or feeling to be communicated. I want to mediate my learning and always set up a dialogue between the learner and information, and always make sure that communication is never lost between the two.

Thus, the roles and responsibilities of a teacher evolve with time and circumstances. It will always be impossible to have a normal day. Your role as a teacher changes constantly and you will need to be ready every single second of the day. Things happen out of nowhere, and you must be ready to face

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