Field Experience Paper

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Field Experience

Working as a Para educator in the Mt. Pleasant School District had opened my understanding about how important it is the job of a teacher. As I observed Mrs. Ensminger performed her duties, it has confirmed my conviction that a teacher is a teacher because they do not see their duties as a job it is a calling. Mrs. Ensminger, a level 1 special education teacher, is already at school no later than 7:15 am. Before school even starts she is already coordinated with core class teachers what she need to work on every individual student under her care. First period in her class is Science. This is an alternative Science class for students that because of their disability cannot understand or keep up with the regular Science class. Aside
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Ensminger teaches Reading. This is a supplement class for students of whom reading skills are lacking. Currently the students in this class have their own English class; Mrs. Ensminger coordinates with their English teacher and each student’s workload, and follows up with their English assignment and testing. This is to stay on top of the student’s progress or make arrangements for them to catch-up. She also makes arrangements for the student to take English tests in her classroom because most of the time she has to read the test to the student. She also teaches phonetics using the Phonics Blitz program which is used to focus on vowel + consonant= word sounds. I am glad I got to witness this class; it was a learning experience for myself too. Lastly, Mrs. Ensminger took me to the level 3 special education classrooms and I had the opportunity to sit in and observe. Some were reading with their teacher, some of them where working in a computer vocabulary game by themselves, and others during that time, were in the care of a registered nurse. I learned that kids in level 3 special education would be at school full time except if for health reasons they have to be

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