Personal Narrative: My Interview With A Homeroom Teacher

I interview a teacher named Alice Jones who works at a suburban private school called Horizon Academy in Roleland Park Kansas. Currently Mrs. Jones teaches middle to High school grade levels and is a homeroom teacher for seven eighth grade boys. Mrs. Jones teaches English, Algebra, basic math functions, Senior Government, Social Skills and U.S. History. Horizon group’s students based on their individual needs and this enables Mrs. Jones to work with a wide range of grade levels in a day. Mrs. Jones has taught at Horizon for over ten years, a school for children with learning disabilities and as a qualified professional has obtained a B.A. from Swarthmore College, M.S. from Bank State College of Education, and a J.D. from New York University School of Law. Students mostly use Ipads, but the students also have access to desktop computers in their homerooms, and the student to Ipad ratio is one to one. All teachers are given a classroom …show more content…
Jones classroom is a Smartboard, document camera, microphones Ipads and Apple Television. The Smartboard is used in almost every lesson to help visually aid in the presentation of content. For example having an individual student write on the Smartboad and show the order of operation of the answers to a math problem. The Smartborad and document camera enables a teacher to search and show content from the internet like definition of a word or academic YouTube videos; a the teacher can type notes on a laptop and the notes will be displayed on the Smartboard. The major advantage of technology is it helps facilitate visual, and kinetic, teacher mode for active learning. Technology will help increase a student engagement and participation. The biggest challenges in the integration of technology is student misuse of digital devises, over stimulation, disruptions in internet access, are all factors that could turn disruptive. This is also how Mrs. Jones incorporates visual and audio elements into

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