Personal Narrative: My Interview With My Aunt

I chose to interview my aunt; she has been a teacher for about 15 years. She taught kindergarten for 11 years and 2nd grade for 4 years now. As many of you know being a teacher is a well-rounded job with multiple simple and yet difficult tasks. A teachers’ main responsibilities are to make sure the children are safe during school hours, while teaching the students the required material throughout the school year to prepare for the next grade. The reason behind why I chose my aunt to interview is that I’ve wanted to be a teacher since the 2nd grade and every sense then I’ve looked up to my aunt and her classroom as well as volunteer as I got older. She described the job of a teacher very well and it is exactly what I imagined. Even as a child and student they observe how you complete certain tasks …show more content…
Most elementary school teachers do have a creative mind because they are drawn to younger kids and connect with them better. Although you do have to keep in mind the older generation close to retirement may not have these skills because they are very old school. I’ve always been a creative person, I love being hands on with crafts and making homemade objects to keep and remember. I have been with my aunt the whole week before school started to help set up her classroom, whether that be simple as writing all her students name on their desk/cubby/folders or organizing files for her new students. Since I have experienced this with no education about being a teacher it gives me an advantage to know that I’m getting in to when it’s my first year being a teacher. Being a student you always thought that the teachers work the same amount as if you were in school. Well through my experience with volunteering with my aunt I know they do it fact have the same schedule as students however, they do have to go back a few weeks earlier for meeting and preparing your classroom for open house. They also work on “Teacher

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