Persuasive Essay For Early Childhood Education

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For a while I have been thinking about what I want to go for. I came up with a few different options, however, one of them are early childhood education. Ever since I was a child, I always wanted to teach. So I think that this can be a great opportunity for me and that I will really love this career. For this career as a preschool teacher, I will major in Early Childhood Education.
Preschool teachers teach children many basic skills that they will need to know for when they begin kindergarten. They teach the children colors, shapes, numbers, and letters. Not only do teachers work at school with the students, but they also have to work out of school preparing lesson plans. These lesson plans have to cover different areas of child development,
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Firstly, it can benefit one 's family. For example, when I have kids, it will help me raise them the right way because I will have a lot of experience with kids. Also, they have opportunities for professional growth. One can start off as a preschool teacher and slowly make their way up to becoming a director. Another great benefit of being a preschool teacher is getting a lot of exercise. Working with little children can be the best daily workout. Preschool teachers do a lot of running, bending, lifting, and jumping. All these activities are a great way to burn calories when working as an early childhood …show more content…
However, many skills are needed to be a good teacher. Communication skills are really important when speaking with a child or even their parents. Teachers need a lot of creativity in the classroom and out of the classroom. They need to create lesson plans that will keep the students interested and engaged. If students do not find the activities interesting, then they will end up wandering around the classroom and doing their own thing. When the teacher has a lot of energy and is confident when she is teaching, the students feel the energy and they pay more attention to the teacher. Teachers have to know how their students are feeling throughout the day and help them be happy and enjoy being at school. Organizational skills are really important as well, because it is easier to find what you need and to pay more attention to the children when the room is cleaned and organized. Rather than, wasting time looking for something in the middle of an activity and keeping the kids waiting. A lot of patience is needed when working with little children, especially when the teachers is becoming frustrated and

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