Early Childhood Teacher Essay

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I believe that my calling on this Earth was to help children by becoming an Educator. Teachers are exceptional people that love and care for children, like they are their own. In life we gain knowledge and we must share that knowledge on to others. Education is a lifelong process and the most important part is learned in the early stages of life. Early Childhood Education should always provide enrichment in emotional, social, and academic skills to every child.
As a preschool teacher my first role is to provide a safe and nourish environment for each child. Then be able to relate to children on their individual levels. Be a partner with the students to help them learn more easily. I do not believe that teachers no everything. Students learn
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Being able for them to express themselves in a positive way and through showing what they are learning. To encourage them to excel their strengths and focus on their weakness. To me it is very important for children to get exposed to enriched text at early stages of their lives. In my preschool class the students and I love story times. I will have students bring in stories at times so I can read. I strongly feel that children learn through stories. They are able to travel the world with a storybook. Also, their communication and vocabulary skills excels …show more content…
This is one area I feel as a teacher in any grade has to critique throughout the year or yearly depends on the students. Having students engage in lesson that they like is one way to have a calm classroom. In my class transitions are everything! Singing and finger plays comes in very handy on a day to day basis. Also, starting from the begin of the school year rules. I feel each age group from toddlers up can comprehend certain rules to fit their age. With me I am constant with my rules and my class goes over them a regular basis. To me redirecting students diminish and prevent negative behaviors. Explaining a child why they should not have that negative behavior plus encourage classroom rules, and redirecting works very well

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