Reflection Paper On Service Learning

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Cathryn Murchek
Educ-F200 Service Learning To express my dedication to teaching and helping children, I donated my time to a family friend who was struggling in school. Amber Cieslak is a 7 year old in second grade who found school to be very difficult and could not quite grasp some of the concepts she was being taught. Amber found the subjects of Math and English to be her most troubling. I had known of Amber 's struggle before and have occasionally helped her with some of her homework, but not until recently did I actually help Amber learn these concepts for good. After speaking to my mother’s co-worker Sharon Cieslak, who is Amber 's mother, I found out that Amber was still having trouble in school. After offering the idea of myself tutoring
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Cieslak, Amber, and of course their pets. We sat at their dining room table, a place secluded enough for Amber to focus and to not have many distractions. I found previously that Amber had a problem with being easily distracted by many things. So right off the bat I blocked out many of things that could have been a distraction to her such as; any technology in front of us, television, background noises, and her pets. Once everything that could distract her was away, Amber was a little hesitant but felt more at ease once we began talking. Being there I felt very comfortable, I have known Mrs. Cieslak and her family for a very long time so I did not feel very nervous as I normally would. We started our session with various assignments of math …show more content…
Amber felt more and more comfortable with school work and did not get upset when she could not understand a concept. She felt more comfortable participating in class and asking her teacher direct questions. She was no longer worried about reading in front of her classmates. I’d like to think the tutoring sessions helped Amber with all of these areas because not only did she get the special attention she needed she also found ways to open up a little more and be comfortable around not only me, but

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