Educ F200 Service Learning Essay

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Cathryn Murchek
Educ-F200 Service Learning To express my dedication to teaching and helping children, I donated my time to a family friend who was struggling in school. Amber Cieslak is a 7 year old in second grade who found school to be very difficult and could not quite grasp some of the concepts she was being taught. Amber found the subjects of Math and English to be her most troubling. I had known of Amber 's struggle before and have occasionally helped her with some of her homework, but not until recently did I actually help Amber learn these concepts for good. After speaking to my mother’s co-worker Sharon Cieslak, who is Amber 's mother, I found out that Amber was still having trouble in school. After offering the idea of myself tutoring
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It led me to realize that every class I teach will be different and some may have one or two students like Amber, who require the one-on-one guidance, and some may have every student like Amber. Not only did this open my eyes but it made me more excited. What is more rewarding than seeing the bright smile they get when something finally clicks in their mind, or the appreciation they serve when you have helped them with this obstacle. Tutoring Amber helped me realize the importance of not looking over these kids and helping them as much as I can. This experience was overall not only a learning experience for Amber, but also for myself. When I picture being an educator I picture all the different backgrounds these children come from and how different each individual one is. When I picture myself being an educator, I picture how I can adapt to each of these students and make their education as effective and bright as I possibly can. I do not think my time with Amber could have went better because of the fact that we both gained lots of knowledge from the study sessions. Not only did Amber get help with her homework and trouble areas, but she helped me learn what it really takes to be an educator, and an exemplary one at

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