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Teacher-centered instruction/planning is strategies that reflect direct instruction to students. The lesson planning for teacher-centered comes from behavior objectives, task analysis, and instructional taxonomies. Bloom’s taxonomy classifies educational objectives into three domains: cognitive, affective, and psychomotor. For the instruction part of this system, it can be done in three different ways, advance organizers, expository advance organizers, and comparative advance organizers. All three help teachers present to student’s way in which they present martial in their classroom. These three strategies can be boring for students so a teacher must focus on their presentation to make sure they can get their students engaged. A good way to engage students in teacher-centered instruction is by questioning and discussing the topic. Teacher-centered instruction is also based around mastery learning. Mastery learning “involves learning one topic or concept thoroughly before moving on to a more difficult one”. Mastery learning in the teacher-centered system can be achieved by breaking the course into learning units that are aligned with instructional, plan instructional procedures to include
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First, I would plan my lesson out using the three tools for this system behavior objectives, task analysis and instructional taxonomies. After the lesson was planned out I would use the advance, expository advance, and comparative advance organizers in my classroom to help the students understand the information as well as help them learn the new material. The last thing I would do once the information was given to the students I would give them seat work to help them understand the information and I would be able to provide help when necessary and I would also give the students homework so they are able to master the topic or

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