Commitment To Social Justice: My Personal Philosophy Of Education

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Abstract: My philosophy of education includes my perspectives on the purpose of education, the learning environment, commitment to social justice, the curriculum and the teacher. Combined, these areas represent my beliefs concerning education and the teaching of students, so they can grow up and become productive members of our society ensuring a better world tomorrow. Purpose of Education: Everyone agrees, the purpose of education is to teach children the basic skills such reading, writing and arithmetic, but everyone also agrees the purpose of education goes beyond teaching basic skill. Consequently, the content beyond that of the basic skills elicits debate and controversy among educators, parents, students and society in general. It is …show more content…
In order to provide equal access to learning for everyone it is critical to remember that that means not treating everyone the same, but ensuring all student needs are equally met. Therefore, consideration is required to address differences in students due to language, culture, ethnicity, physical and mental capabilities, gender or any other characteristic that makes a student unique. Not only should all students have equal access to educational opportunities, but embracing their differences and unique qualities are imperative to facilitating a rich learning experience from both a content and social perspective. Education is power, understanding and tolerance. “Though people with disabilities have become more vocal in recent years, we still constitute a very small minority. Yet the Beautiful People - the slender, fair and perfect ones - form a minority that may be even smaller.” Debra …show more content…
To begin with, in order to be effective in any classroom a teacher must have a passion and love of teaching and their students but teachers also must possess characteristics that allow for the adaptability required in the very dynamic classroom environment, while providing the safety and consistency required for children to learn. It is also imperative that teachers continue to earn and develop professionally. If teachers do not have a love of learning and love of the academic environment, how can they instill this in their students? Especially since education in the United States rates average at best in comparison to the rest of the world, we have a lot to learn about education, and teaching methods. Teachers have a responsibility to learn about and receive training in new or additional methods of teaching core content, motivating the dynamic pool of students, and classroom management, just to name a few areas. The world and society are ever changing and evolving, professional development is a critical too for teachers to be able to change and evolve with it. “ 'Status quo. ' Latin for the mess we 're in.” Jeve

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