Goal 1: Nurture Every Child's Construction Of Intelligence

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ABE Goal 1: Nurture every child 's construction of knowledge, confident self-identity and group identity.

Question: To what degree or in what ways do I nurture construction of a knowledgeable, confident, self-identify and group identity in myself?

Answer: When I am working in the classroom I can see myself pushing for the goal number one in the students in the way that allows for them to construct their knowledge in a way that they are going to be capable of retaining the most information. We build them up so that we can learn how the child will best function. I respect the child and their families and recognize each child as identity.

The degree in which I nurture construction of knowledge in myself is by the way in which I learn
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Answer: Critical thinking shows in the workplace in both the way that children use their problem solving skills and in the way that I have analysis of the interactions with the children. That critical thinking skills that the children develop will then push them into what is trying to be accomplished within goal 4.

My critical thinking about bias is fostered by my decision making process. I see bias as something that although shouldnt be found in most cases, popping up quite often. My ability to run through critical thinking with the decision process allows for me to understand where the bias is coming from, and have the potential to change where and why the bias is being pushed
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Question: Under what circumstances do I cultivate my ability to stand up for myself and for others in the face of bias?

Answer: This is giving the child the ability to stand up for themselves and to be able to problem solve without adult interference.

My ability to stand up for myself in the face of adversity and bias is based solely on my personality. With the personality that I have it allows for me to overcome things that I shouldn 't let myself be bothered by. I am able to understand that something small can 't ruin my day and others might say hurtful things, but I have to take in account the situation of that individual and what is going on at that time. For myself it’s knowing how to deal with those situations and help the children with critical thinking without really

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