21st Century Skills: Critical Thinking Skills By Laura Hummell

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Hummell, Laura. "21St Century Skills: Critical Thinking Skills." Children's Technology & Engineering 20.4 (2016): 5-6. Academic Search Complete. Web. 20 July 2016. 21st century skills: Critical thinking skills by Laura Hummell discuses the benefits of challenging children in the way they think. Hummell says, "Critical thinking skill development is crucial in elementary schools. Students who are allowed to explore, empathize, question, hypothesize, conceptualize, experiment, and evaluate throughout their own learning become productive community members" (Hummell). Teaching children to think critical helps them solve problems and have logical argument about something they believe is true. In 21st Century Skills: Critical Thinking Skills by Laura Hummell, she uses many outside sources to defend her stance on incorporating critical thinking. She also uses different examples of how critical thinking can help a child that is facing a issue. One of the examples that she uses is if a child can think critical, they work out an issue rather than avoid the problem.

McKinstry, Elizabeth. "Critical Thinking In A Global Society." Leadership 44.5 (2015): 20-21. Academic Search Complete. Web. 20 July 2016.
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McKinstry writes about how Common Core education is helping the next generation think for themselves. Mckinstry says, "Their reality is not connected to a world outside the boundaries in which they live" (McKinstry 20). Requiring students to learn critical thinking helps them in the end result by being more interactive in the world. Students that are coming out of common core are more prepared to inter college. Integrating this new curriculum allows student to demonstrate their knowledge through competitions or being able to apply what they have learned toward a career field of their

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