The Story Of Sodom In Genesis 18 And 18

The people who settled Sodom were the descendants of Noah’s grandson, Canaan. Was the seed of evil that reached its fullness in Noah’s day before the flood also present in the seed of Ham’s son, Canaan? Is it also possible that Ham’s wife was with child when she entered the ark? If so, perhaps the seed of wickedness from Ham’s wife — like Noah’s wine — was given time to ferment. Whether through that birth or a repetition of demonic unions like those prior to the flood, wickedness would again flourish while God, in His grace, would delay judgment for centuries. But at the time appointed, God’s judgment of Canaan’s descendants would be fulfilled just how Noah prophesied it would. This judgment would even be delayed for an extra forty years because of Israel’s initial refusal to go in and conquer the land the land of Canaan. This caused the Israelites to wander in the desert until that generation died off. Actually, what appeared as a delay was no delay at all but simply God’s grace.
God in His mercy always sends signposts of coming judgment before it happens. Noah preached in his day before the flood (2 Peter
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In chapter 18 Abraham is tending to business when suddenly the LORD (Yahweh) appears to him. Verse two says, “behold three men were standing opposite him”. Angels, including pre-incarnate appearances of Christ, often appear to look like men. Usually it’s taught that the angels take on the “appearance” of men. But there is something quite unique about this particular account. In no less than two places, it says they ate (18:8, 19:3). Let’s follow this through. These angels clearly had some kind of digestive system, no? If not, what happened to the food they ate? Not to make light, but do you remember the childhood cartoons of the skeletons who drink something and the liquid just falls on the

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