Good And Evil In Genesis Analysis

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Genesis is established as being the beginning of everything and being all good but there is also the portrayal and interpretation of evil in the creation. In the genesis of evil, Dr. Altizer explains that the origin of evil is “unknown and as orthodox as the origin of god” (Altizer 80). The journal explains how Genesis contains several indirect interpretations of the portrayal of evil in genesis. One of the first interpretations of evil is seen when Adam and Eve sinned in Eden and turned away from God causing them to bring sin to the world. Dr. Altizer explains that this concept is true but it absolves God from bringing evil into the world to hold it as Adam and Eve introducing evil into the world. It is also explained that Adam and Eve did wrong only because they were given temptation. This has a …show more content…
Genesis establishes a strong portrayal of the tree by giving it a sense of importance in the fall because it provided the fruit that Adam and Eve ate. In Genesis does not portray the tree of knowledge of good and evil in a negative way until it causes the first sin. The tree is only given a meaning in Genesis when it is the root of an obedience test that Adam and Eve failed. In the Quran the tree of knowledge of good and evil is diminished in regards to portrayal and importance. Unlike Genesis, the Quran portrays the tree of knowledge of good in evil in a diminishing way. It does not have an actual name and it is seen as any other tree in the creation. It is explained in the Quran that Allah tells Adam and Eve to not approach the tree or eat from it but it does not give it major importance. Also unlike in genesis where God cursed humanity because Adam and Eve ate fruit from the tree in the Quran God does not have as much rage as it is portrayed in it. The tree of knowledge of good and evil is mainly given a significance of evil in Genesis when the fruit is taken from

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