Maria Licciardi And Griselda's Empowerment

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Maria Licciardi and Griselda Blanco aren’t just your average house wives. When these two weren’t busy cooking it up in the kitchen, they were out stirring up trouble in the streets. In pop culture and as depicted everywhere, men have always been the face of organized crime. However, in time of need these women were called to step up to the plate. These godmothers were no sweet, innocent, cookie baking old ladies, they were nefarious crime lords driven by the will to survive. Although Maria and Griselda have two different stories with different endings, both women led a life filled with similar crimes and havoc.

Background Information Maria Licciardi was born on March 24, 1951 in Napoli, Italy, home to the camorra. The camorra
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She played a huge role in the Columbian drug trade much like how Maria played a role in the Italian drug trade. She quickly climbed her way to the top and was soon head of her own narcotic ring. Many smuggled cocaine into the U.S using special undergarments designed by Griselda. After entering the U.S she caused great havoc, by increasing the flow of Columbian drugs entering the country. After fleeing New York due to fear of being arrested she eventually went back, but this time settling in Miami. She was one of the most prominent figures responsible for the crime and violence to sweep the streets on Miami in the years following her …show more content…
But because of the drug war, her name was soon added to the 30 most wanted Italians, and she managed to avoid arrest for 2 years until she was captured. The details of her trial are not available. It is alleged that she continued to run the clan from behind bars. Another source claimed that she has recently been released however the validity of that statement has not been proved. Griselda on the other hand has had many run ins with the law. In 1985 she was arrested and charged with drug conspiracy, they couldn’t pin any murder charges on her at the time. She was given 15 years in prison. She allegedly continued to run things behind bars. In 1994 she was transported back to Miami for 3 murder charges but the case was thrown out because the key witness’s credibility was tarnished. Griselda however decided to plead guilty to the 3 charges and was given a 10-year sentence.
It cannot be confirmed whether Maria Licciardi has been released but many believe that she is still serving some time in prison. Griselda was eventually released and deported back to Columbia in 2004. However, 8 years later, on September 3 2012, Griselda was shot and killed outside a butcher’s shop in her home town. Both women had unhappy endings to their stories. The life of crime truly does not pay. Maria and Griselda proved that the end is either prison or death, or in Griselda’s case,

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