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  • Maria Licciardi And Griselda's Empowerment

    Introduction Maria Licciardi and Griselda Blanco aren’t just your average house wives. When these two weren’t busy cooking it up in the kitchen, they were out stirring up trouble in the streets. In pop culture and as depicted everywhere, men have always been the face of organized crime. However, in time of need these women were called to step up to the plate. These godmothers were no sweet, innocent, cookie baking old ladies, they were nefarious crime lords driven by the will to survive. Although Maria and Griselda have two different stories with different endings, both women led a life filled with similar crimes and havoc. Background Information Maria Licciardi was born on March 24, 1951 in Napoli, Italy, home to the camorra. The camorra…

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  • West Side Story Film Analysis

    Specifically, when Anita tries to serve as a liaison between Maria and Tony by going to Doc’s shop but then ends up being harassed and called “la cucaracha” by the Jets (Sandoval Sanchez). The contrast between Puerto Ricans and Anglo-Americans is clear and the treatment Puerto Ricans received upon arrival was the complete opposite of welcoming. “Who jumped me on my first day here?” is what Bernardo said to the Jets in one of the initial scenes of the film. From his arrival, Bernardo knew he…

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  • West Side Story Analysis

    The climax focuses around Tony and Maria’s ideal society and maintaining its perfection. The wedding held in the bridal shop represents the union they will soon have between themselves and society, but fate has positioned the both of them at a crossroad. With the rumble about to happen, they need to make a choice whether or not to compromise this perfection. But Maria inevitably encourages Tony to save it because her and Tony’s heroic nature tells them they must. Maria does so by warning Tony…

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  • Analysis Of Mary Wollstonecraft's A Vindication Of The Rights Of Woman

    In the early 19th century, women were often thought as inferior to men due to their sentiment and irrationality. However, emerging feminist advocate Mary Wollstonecraft argued that women were not treated as rational beings because men would not allow them to have an education. She believed that women should have equal rights as men to prove that they were rational beings and not prone to sentiment. She wrote many works demonstrating her beliefs in hopes to evoke change for women’s rights.…

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  • Kiara And Simba's Pride In West Side Story By Arthur Laurents

    literary interpretation of the musical by the same name. It follows the musical fairly closely, sticking to the same storyline and similar dialogues. In the story, two rival gangs, the Sharks and the Jets only seem to have one thing in common; their hatred for each other. Even with this, Maria, little sister to the leader of the Sharks, and Tony, a former member of the Jets, fall in love. There are many reimaginings of this book, but one movie in particular best interprets the movie’s plot and…

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  • The Montessori Method Scientific Pedagogy

    Students have been learning by leaps and bounds throughout February. Time flies when you’re having fun, and in a leap year! Whether its heart-pumping excitement at the fire department, investigating beyond your average brainteaser, rocking out in geology, or commemorating America by learning from its’ history, students are challenging their academic achievements. This month has been absolutely extraordinary, and we are happy to share with you a little about the wonderful activities your…

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  • Creativity In Early Childhood Education Essay

    of the school buildings, as well as pupil and teacher health and diet.) Creativity and imaginary play, arts and crafts are a big part of the Steiner philosophy not just at early childhood age but all the way up to adulthood and this is where the development specific learning come in t Children are encouraged to engage with their environment and their own creativity play. Teachers create and support experiences that will meet the holistic needs of all the children. The curriculum takes its…

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  • Montessori System: Exam-Based Education System Analysis

    This is due to an observation that was made by Maria Montessori when stories of this kind were told and some of the children walked out. The Montessori system harbors fantasy and regards creativity and truth first. Description of activity Although both playful and Montessori learning encompass fun, in playful learning, the activities done by the child are considered activities of play, which enable the child to have fun. However, in the Montessori learning system, the activities a child engages…

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  • Nobility In 1760 And 1860: An Analysis

    The statements of the nobility in 1760 and 1860, in supplications, reflect an overall shift in the way that the Russian public regarded the monarch. In 1760, the position of the monarch was regarded with a sense of superiority, where all respect was directed. The monarch’s power was unquestioned and their judgment was seen as most informed, only allocating indirect power to provincial personnel or hand selected advisors. In the 1860s, after the state building of Catherine the Great which further…

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  • Montessori Education

    As a parent, I was interested in different educational approaches for my children and I had a hard time to decide which education is better for them. As a mother of two toddlers I was particularly interesting in teaching methods for younger children and one of them that I stumble upon was a Montessori education. It’s existed for almost a 100 years and very famous in this day and after educating myself about it, I immediately fell in love in Montessori education. However, after dipper research I…

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