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  • All Quiet On The Western Front Summary

    Paul Baumer, a man who enlists with the German army with his fellow classmates in the time of World War I, and is the narrator of this story. The name of this story is called All Quiet On The Western Front and the authors name is Erich Maria Remarque. The German recruits all think that they could acquire metals and honor quickly; on the other hand though they figure out that it is not the case at all. The team has a terrible experience all together being a part of the war. The first enduring…

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  • What Are The Effects Of All Quiet On The Western Front

    Effects of the war, specifically the front lines, are shown significantly through the historical novel, All Quiet on the Western Front, written by Erich Maria Remarque. The author displays the development of Paul, the narrator through World War I, through the story as he encounters the front, and how it can change someone’s life forever. Soldiers endure countless hours of pure war. The effects of the front can bring abandonment in their life and them wanting no one. It is very dehumanizing and…

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  • A Comrade In War A Friend For Life Analysis

    A Comrade in War, A Friend for Life Beginning with the shot heard around the world, World War l devastated everyone around. From 1914 to 1918, the Western Front was the center of where all the fighting and killing occurred. In this place, soldiers fought under the worst conditions known to man, yet out of this warfare brought men together. In the book All Quiet on The Western Front the Paul wrote about one positive aspect of the war experience, which is the strong bond between soldiers. Other…

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  • All Quiet On The Western Front, By Erich Remarque

    Many countries entered the war since it was more beneficial for them to fight alongside their allies instead of single-handedly fighting enemy countries. Russia, being an ally of Serbia, and Germany, an ally of Austria-Hungary, are forced to join the war due to their alliances and treaties with the two countries. Their agreements allowed Serbia and Austria-Hungary to have more numbers, strength, and support to fight each other than without. As Germany advances to strike other countries, those…

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  • Symbolism Of The Doctor In The Pearl By John Steinbeck

    “The Pearl” by John Steinbeck tells the story of Kino, a poor pearl diver, who's son, Coyotito, gets stung by a scorpion. To treat his son’s scorpion bite, Kino takes Coyotito to the doctor. Although the doctor does not feature predominantly in in the book’s storyline, he plays a very important role in the plot of the novella. From the moment he is introduced in the book, the doctor is portrayed as being an extremely despicable person who is self-indulgent, unsympathetic and only cares about…

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  • Dehumanization In All Quiet On The Western Front

    In All Quiet on the Western Front, Erich Maria Remarque’s anti-war novel, and Persepolis, Marjane Satrapi’s own graphic memoir, Paul Baumer and Marji live in unfavorable environments, permanently shaping their beliefs and identities. During World War I, Paul fights on the Western Front where the war dehumanizes him. Before Baumer serves in the cruel war, he is blinded by the glory he is told he will receive by entering Germany’s army. However, after months of witnessing inhumanely killed…

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  • Character Summary In 'Red Badge Of Courage'

    In the Red Badge of Courage, the main character Henry joins to army during the Civil War to fight for the Union and America. As the novel progress through Henry’s time in the army he learns how war truly is. In the beginning he refers to a wound as a red badge of courage and something to be sought after, but his mind soon changes as he sees his friends die. He realizes the harshness of war and of life and how lives are simply lost. When Henry joins the war effort he really is just a kid, both in…

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  • Hair Musical Analysis

    Hair the Musical vs Church Church, although filled with strict restrictions, has, since its conception, been a place of solace, a place of peace and love, a place where individuals unified by religion can congregate. The Hair musical on the other hand is a lot more than just a musical. It has been described by some as a cultural and social phenomenon, an exultant proclamation of freedom, life and a rebellious cry against politicians and war. The musical, set in the late 60’s, tells the tale of a…

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  • A Long Way Gone Rhetorical Analysis

    “A long way gone” by Ishmael Beah Alone and afraid he grips his machete tightly as he knows the attackers are going to jump out at any second. Fearful of what is going to happen next, he stays still anxiously waiting. Beah hears a branch snap in half, the leaves on the forest floor start crunching as the object comes closer and closer. The infant monkey surprisingly appears but it is too late, as Ishmael had already swung his machete, killing the monkey. Beah asks himself what he had just done.…

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  • Summary: All Quiet On The Western Front

    Yunus Amer 250743122 History 1403E All Quiet on the Western Front: Review Erich Maria Remarque was a German born author who wrote All Quiet on the Western Front. Erich was born in Osnabruck, Germany on June 22, 1898. His novel was published on January 29, 1929. Erich fought for the German side during World War 1, he joined the army at the age of 18 in 1917. He fought on the Western Front in the 2nd company, reserves. A month after he joined the war, Erich was wounded by shrapnel in the left leg…

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