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  • The Painted Wall Essay

    The Painted Wall is a story written by Pu Songling talking about a scholar’s encountering with a goddess, who invites the scholar to their kingdom on the painted wall. When he returns to the reality, he could not differentiate the illusion and the real world. Director Chan offers the audience another interpretation of The Painted Wall in an elusive way, when Mural released in 2011. Different from the original story, the director recomposes two main characters, Zhu Xiaolian and Meng Longtan, in order to cater to the new theme. Zhu is a good-looking and emotional scholar, and Meng is a brainless and impolite playboy. Hou Xia, a newly added character, promotes the development of plots from time to time as the servant of the scholar Zhu. Even though the image of the monk in the temple does not change a lot between two versions, he is an indispensable character in respect to the whole plot. When the viewers are lost in the complicated plots, they can find the ultimate answer from the monk in the temple. Although Mural focuses on the three men’s different love stories, it has significant Buddhist connotations beneath its disguise, alluding to the practicing of the monk in the Buddhist temple in general. The experiences of leading characters are several fragments of his pilgrimage. This article is composed of three parts. The first section outlines the three layers of meaning that are interwoven in the movie. Then, there are detailed explanations about the characteristics and…

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  • Zu Warriors Essay

    This specific title marked the long anticipated return of Tsui Hark to the genre after the largely disappointing "Black Mask 2" and "Zu Warriors", that were criticized for the excessive use of special effects. During the rule of Qing Dynasty, a regulation is passed that forbids common people from learning martial arts. Fire-Wind, a paranoid general and his team of soldiers help the government to impose the new law; however he ends up ravaging northern China, killing fighters along with…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Film Festivals

    2009). The rallying began as a result of the builder’s refusal to hire any Chinese workers for the construction of the low-income housing project in Manhattan’s Chinatown - the largest government housing project in any Chinatown community in the United States. A civil rights organisation known as the Asian American Legal Defence and Education Fund was also founded within the same year of the uprising. A year after the political awakening of the Asian American community in New York, Asian…

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