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  • Portage Lakes State Park

    Situated on about 1,000 acres of land and about 2500 acres of water, Portage Lakes State Park in Ohio is a wonderful park for fishing, camping, or to just get away from it all. Featuring a number of lakes for boating, fishing, and wildlife watching, Portage Lakes is a unique state park offering something for everyone in the family to enjoy. Portage Lakes State Park touches both Akron and Canton making it an ideal place to escape the hustle and bustle of city life in this serene area. Portage Lakes State Park offers over 50 camping sites for visitors. The campground is located along one of the lakes, but does not provide a view of the water from the camp sites. The campground at Portage Lakes State Park offers paved pull-ins, fire rings, and…

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  • Trail Descriptive Writing

    through a seemingly inexorable problem. Whenever I begin a portage, I am filled with absolute terror at the prospect of the portage ahead. Believe me, I love a challenge, but oftentimes it feels like portaging is my limit. Whenever I feel apprehensive or put down by the upcoming ordeal, I will myself to imagine myself at the ‘finish line’. ‘I will complete this,’ I say to myself, ‘I know I’ll make it there, so just imagine yourself there and soon enough, you’ll arrive.’ It seems like a…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of John F. Kennedy's A Price Portage Of Steel

    Throughout the early 1960s, America was recovering from a great recession, and John F. Kennedy was there to help America get back on its feet. Kennedy proposed stable prices and wages to get the nation back on track but was rudely awakened with the newly increased steel prices in 1962. In a speech in April of that year, John F. Kennedy addressed the issue of a price hike of steel by 3.5%. Kennedy uses an appeal to american values through emotional language, repetitive unifying diction, and…

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  • Summary: A Stranger's Experience In Muskoka

    supper. The total of fish caught to day was 15, and we made 6 portages and 1 rapid. The total of portages made on the Moon River was 12, and 15 rapids, making a total of 27 rapids and falls. Monday, Sept. 16 — This morning we lifted our plant and continued our journey up Blackstone River. This river is very narrow and shallow, with a great number of logs and brush in it. Going about three-quarters of a mile we came to a gravelly rapids, about a quarter of a mile long. After pulling our canoes up…

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  • Teacher Supervision System Analysis

    Teacher Supervision System The teacher supervision system in place at Portage High School is a robust moral environment. According to Glickman, Gordon, & Ross-Gordon (2013), “A moral school community is committed to the overall well-being, growth, and development of each community member” (p. 395). The supervision system embraces the diversity of every staff member and uses each individual 's skills and abilities to foster growth with our students. School administration has made ample…

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  • Pierre La Page Research Paper

    The next day the waters calmed and the Brigade along with Pierre arrived at Grand Portage, without a doubt Pierre knew he was going to make it. When they boarded the Port, they went to the market and traded all day with the merchants, and when they had everything they needed to get back it was already night, so they decided to stay the night and set up camp. Finally, Pierre and the rest of the brigade had a feast and with all the sores in Pierre’s body he was surprised to see that the men in the…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Best Ones Of My Life

    attractions and fast food shops. Two hours later we were in Ely we stopped to get food which we spent lots of money how because it would be our last real meal for five days, after that we went to a tackle shop to buy bait for the fish we were going to catch. Later that day we set up our camp at the camp grounds. In the morning we got up and went to the drop of zone to put our canoes in the water and sail of about thirty minutes later we were off. About twenty minutes later we had our first…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Canadian Canoeing Adventure

    Every step of our sixty-mile Canadian canoeing adventure was another challenge. As Chris Hadfield said, it was just a matter of working the problem. That’s NASA-speak for descending a decision tree, methodically looking for a solution. The most rewarding part was being the man in charge; from meal preparation to dangerous situations, the final say was mine. Of all that we went through, I think our fourth portage (a “trail” between two lakes that are not connected by a traversable waterway)…

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  • Robin Kvalo Symbols

    symbol of what to value and believe in. Symbolic leaders understand that their message is not “do as I do.” Rather, it is “value what I value - believe what I believe.” (Goslin, 2012) Robin Kvalo is the principal of Portage High School (PHS), a school of 800 students in central Wisconsin. While she has been a principal for over fifteen years in the Portage school district, she has only been at the PHS for four years. Robin takes great pride in her role as principal as a third generation…

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  • Boy Scouts Journey

    There were two people per canoe, so everyone had to pick another scout. The six friends split into three teams being Charlie and Keith, Joey and Kurt, and James and nick. After an hour or so of canoeing came the first portage. Each group had to carry their canoe filled with gear a mile to the next lake. The troop had to portage three to four times a day ranging from a half mile to two miles. Shortly after the first portage, one group was having so much fun that they tipped and sank their canoe.…

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