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  • Pros And Cons Of Felony

    Congress – but the House and Senate can vote to expel any member that colleagues deem unfit or unqualified to serve. Federal office qualifications are governed by the Constitution, while state-level office rules vary according to state laws” (Kolawole). There is no specification that the nominee must have a clean past. There is a major problem in letting felony offenders control just a fragment of the government. Because they believe it is acceptable to kill, rape, or torture other human beings, let alone children, they cannot be entrusted with the betterment of their specific state allowing its citizens to follow in his or her footsteps. Former Alaskan senator Ted Stevens had been convicted on seven felony accounts of corruption, yet he is known to be the longest serving republican senator in history (Kolawale). A man with no respect for his country should not able to take part in controlling its people. This not only applies to people elected into office, but to any position of…

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  • Summary Of Steven Johnson's Ted Talk

    Steven Johnson’s Ted Talk was right on the concepts of Connectivism. As the saying goes, “No man is an island.” Good ideas come from shared thoughts from different people. We sometimes rely on other people to create new ideas. Johnson said that “a new idea is a new network of neurons firing and synch with each other inside your brain.” We get a new idea (aha! moment) from something that already exists. Jane Mcgonigal explains that we see clues or signals that lead to developing future forecasts…

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  • An Analysis Of Bryan Stevenson's Speech

    Historically, America has been predisposed towards racism against African-Americans. However, Americans, for the past century, have effectively ignored the issues with race that the American society still faces in the criminal justice system. In his TED Talk entitled “We need to talk about an injustice,” Bryan Stevenson addresses the issues with the American criminal justice system by detailing the problems and showing the important role the citizens of American can play. Although the topic is a…

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  • Digital Technology Student Writing Benefits

    The use of statistics and experiences from other individuals helped to provide a good explanation of this information. Baron’s offering of a timeline on the development of technology helped develop the argument on technology by providing the benefits of technology while acknowledging its negatives. The use of digital media outlets, such as TED Talks, are useful tools that help provide information in a appealing way. For example, some individuals, such as myself, may prefer to watch a video to…

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  • How Long Is The Ted Talk Adora Svitak

    The following worksheet needs to be completed for the Bonus Assignment in BA 1500, Fall 2016. Answer the questions completely and use concepts from class to respond to the questions. If any of the questions are not answered, the assignment will be not be evaluated. 1. What is your name and section number (e.g., 100, 101)? Ashley Braun BA1500-101 2. What Ted Talk did you watch? What is the URL (copy the link to this document)?…

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  • College Admissions Essay: I Love TED Talk

    I love TED Talks. In the quiet morning before school, I found myself pursuing the Internet looking for a catchy title and a topic of which I wish to learn more. I am often provided with a creative idea, new perspective, or meaningful message for me to reflect upon and apply to my life in some small way. TED Talks are created by passion, intelligent individuals who have amazing messages to share with the world. While some topics have more of a direct correlation to my life than others, these…

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  • What Is Deception And Deception In Where Are You Going Where Have You Been?

    importantly though, deception, the lies that create false hope and a brighter future. In Joyce Carol Oates’s, “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?”, we watch as a young girl named connie falls victim to Fear, lust, and deception through a man named Arnold Friend, who she encounters while hanging out with a friend. We watch as he slowly changes his role in Connie’s life and how he uses the power of lie to control, excite, and destroy her. With the help of Pamela Meyer 's’ TED talk called…

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  • Using Humor In Public Speaking Rhetorical Analysis

    An important as aspect of communication is making the receiver of the message want to listen what the speaker says. The way people perceive the speaker affects whether they will listen to accept what he has to say. For example, in President Obama’s speech, if members of the audience do not like President Obama, they will not accept his message. The audience in Holt’s speech perceives the speaker as credible because they made time to come to the TED talk and listen to Jim Holt. This relates the…

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  • What Are External Influences

    External influences can change everyone’s day to day life. Everyone may have different influences that change how they are, but all influences form who you are. It doesn’t matter how much you feel that you can’t be affected by the outside world, or how what’s going on in the white house has nothing to do with you because you live in a small town in Vermont, when it has everything to do with you, and no matter how much you wish it wouldn’t affect your life, it will. Because like what Julian…

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  • The Secret To Great Public Speaking Analysis

    In a recent TED talk, Chris Anderson talked about “The Secret to Great Public Speaking”. In this video, Anderson discussed how ideas are transferred. Idea is shared among people. The key to sharing one’s idea is to focus on one idea at a time. He explains that an idea, or an interconnection of neurons in an individual’s brain, will be shared in real-time in other’s brains as they hear of the voice of the speaker. One’s mind, or the thing that makes someone unique can be described as a vast…

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