Digital Technology Student Writing Benefits

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Throughout our daily lives, technology has been a major part, whether it may have been through our cell phones, computers, and even the pencil. These advancements in technology has made it easier to gain access to all sorts of information. We have gone from the limitation of the pencil to the utilization of newer technologies such as the laptop. They have also changed the way in which students all over, learn in and out of the classroom. Some would argue, that technology has taken a hold on our lives, limiting our willingness to learn necessary skills due to our reliance on technology. Although, there are arguments for both sides regarding the positives and negatives of technology, I have found many evidence through my research, arguing its …show more content…
After reading, “The Impact of Digital Tools on Student Writing and How Writing is Taught in Schools” by Kristen Purcell, Judy Buchanan and Linda Friedrich, I found that “78% agree (26% strongly agree) that digital technologies encourage student creativity and personal expression” Fellow peer, Jordan Mcgriff, states that his use of the computer allows him to improve his writing through its use of editing software to spot grammatical mistakes and broaden his creativity. Being able to type out his thoughts while researching ideas at a quicker pace, has allowed him to become a better writer, receiving higher grades on his papers as a result. He even stated that writing technologies helped shape his decision of a major which heavily incorporates writing. As stated by Dennis Baron (2000) in the article “From Pencils To Pixels”, items such as pencils are also technology. They have become greatly incorporated into the classroom and as stated by my classmate, Aaron Roberts, as he grew older, he used “less pen and paper and more computers and laptops” showing the developments of technology. I stated a similar response in my own responses. I noticed that as I climbed the academic ladder, the use of technology became more important not only in the classroom, but also in the workforce. I needed to not only be …show more content…
The use of statistics and experiences from other individuals helped to provide a good explanation of this information. Baron’s offering of a timeline on the development of technology helped develop the argument on technology by providing the benefits of technology while acknowledging its negatives. The use of digital media outlets, such as TED Talks, are useful tools that help provide information in a appealing way. For example, some individuals, such as myself, may prefer to watch a video to learn information rather than read a book. With that, TED Talks would provide a method for me to learn information while using a form of

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