Persuasive Essay: The New World And The New Mind

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The New World and the New Mind Technology such as internet and cell phones has somehow made its way into every part of our lives from school to a simple workout at the gym. Whereas years ago we barely knew anything about it, or how to even use it. People seem to have found the gateway to the easy road in life. With internet you can find the solution to your problems in no time by googling whatever it is you need or want. We no longer have to wander the library for sources when the internet provides them within in a minute, which is if you have good Wi-Fi. Technology has altered the way people live their lives and may be causing people to differ in the way they learn and communicate. We are in many ways pulling away from reality and living …show more content…
People have started to use email and text messaging (instant messaging as well) to contact each other rather than calling on the phone, or having an actual face to face meeting. Is it possible for people to feel more comfortable behind a screen than being seen in person? Sherry Turkle author of the essay “No Need to Call” answers that question by explaining “At the screen, you have a chance to write yourself into the person you want to be and to imagine others as you wish them to be…when you cultivate this sensibility, a telephone call can seem fearsome because it reveals too much” (Turkle 374). Behind a screen it is definitely easier to be yourself but through messaging it is a much better way to avoid awkward silence. Messaging gives you time to think and process what you’re going to say to a person, while avoiding saying something that is stupid or embarrassing. As I’m maturing into adulthood I’m finding it hard to make the transition from texting to actually having phone conversations. The main reason is because a phone call takes up to much time, while texting is a quick, straight to the point type of communication. I’m also able to hide what I believe to be my conversational flaws from the other person. Texting to people is a much safer way to hide their identity and disconnect from the

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