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  • L Homme Armé: Music Analysis

    Simms (2010) reported that when placed in a Mass, the soldier of the Armed Man tune becomes the Christian soldier: be he a crusader about to fight the Turks, or an everyday Christian soul who wages a daily war with the devil and the sin of temptation. In a larger theological sense, the Armed Man, the ultimate warrior, Christ himself. This idea became so popular among sacred composers that a race to see who can incorporate it first began. According to Pierce (2011), the use of l’homme armé for the first time in a mass cycle sparked a point of argument, partly due to erratic publishing practices of the time. Several composers attempted to claim themselves as the first to compose a l’homme armé mass including Johannes Regis (c. 1425 - c. 1496), Guillaume Du Fay, and Johannes Ockeghem (c.1410 - 1497). Despite the argument over who composed their mass first, according to Pierce (2011) the most popular of these masses are Dufay’s, Ockeghem’s, and one composed 20 years later by Josquin de Prez…

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  • The Motet

    or repetitions of stanzaic song forms’ (Nosow 2012: 210) and the tenor sang a slow cantus firmus in typical sacred fashion while the upper voices used a faster-paced, secular chanson text (Sherr 2000: 336). However, a piece such as Ockeghem’s Mort tu as navré (1460), despite using chanson features such as ballade form and text in the vernacular, is considered to be chanson-motet, due to the retention of motet tropes such as the setting of two texts and the presence of a cantus firmus (Sanders et…

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  • The Virgin Mary In Du Fay's Poem

    in fact – seemingly sacrilegiously – include the ‘most renowned Virgin’ among these ‘girls’. The veneration of the Virgin Mary in this respect was in fact neither unheard of nor decried in the Renaissance period; even in the Late-Medieval Era, this type of imagery was commonplace (Pesce 2009: 152). However, the pre-enlightenment reverence of the physical features of the Virgin Mary can be viewed more as a stylistic and poetic custom than a sign of growing materialist and secular influences,…

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  • Egyptian Medicine History

    Persians added to the universe of Mathematics close by Arabs.In the ninth century, the Persian mathematician Muḥammad composed a few critical books on the Hindu-Arabic numerals and on methods for solving equations. The seventeenth century exceptional increment of numerical and experimental thoughts crosswise over Europe. Galileo watched the moons of Jupiter in circle about that planet, utilizing a telescope in view of a toy imported from Holland. Tycho Brahe had accumulated a gigantic amount of…

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  • Why Is The Printing Press Important

    The printing press may seem like an irrelevant tool and useless to the things we have today but it played a major role in the advances of our modern history. A printing press was obviously used as a faster alternative to make copies of important documents. To us the thought of painstakingly writing out every page of a book seems absolutely unnecessary and a pain. Before the printing press there were scribes that would copy each page of book neatly. Johannes Gutenberg a German craftsman using a…

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  • Clara Schumann: A Career In Music

    unselfish devotion and depth of affection, combined with the highest idealism in an art,” because they worked together and pursued their passion with one another, each giving the other credit in musical works. Not only did he have Clara present his music with her own, but Clara reduced his orchestral scores to piano works, accompanied him, and sang in his works whenever needed. Clara and Robert’s marriage provided inspiration for her and help in composing and arranging pieces to keep her career…

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  • Printing Press Research Paper

    computers have all changed the world dramatically. With all of these inventions comes something bigger and greater and we have all benefited from the inventions. The printing press invented by Johannes Gutenberg in 1439 is one invention that has changed the world the most. In this paper, I will discuss and defend why the printing press was the most useful invention and still is to this day. I will discuss how the printing press was made and how it has changed the world through centuries. The…

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  • The Influence Of The Internet On The American Revolution

    In many ways the internet has began to directly impact and effect our lives. Whether the internet makes a task more simple or just enhances the production of mass communications, The internet can be proven responsible or somehow related. This is true in almost every form of communications because of the weight of the influence the internet holds. These forms of communication can include writing, the alphabet, printing, all the way to the radio and television we watch today. the internet relates…

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  • Mozart Don Giovanni Analysis

    While cheerful and bright melodies are used to represent Mozart’s early years in his short lives, the prelude of the opera “Don Giovanni” composed by Mozart after the death of Leopold Mozart – Mozart’s father – indicates the relationship between Mozart and Leopold and shows the process how Salieri set his scheme foreshadowing the death of Mozart. First of all, the opera “Don Giovanni” suggests the abnormal relationship between Mozart and his father. In the film, Mozart is illustrated as a…

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  • Johannes Kepler's First Law Of Planetary Motion

    Stetson Scientific Revolution Paper Johannes Kepler “The path of a planet around the sun is an ellipse, with the Sun as the focal point,” -Kepler's first law of planetary motion. The Scientific Revolution was the beginning of the scientific discoveries that have formed modern science. This period started during the end of the Renaissance and continued throughout the 18 century. Johannes Kepler was a major figure in this period, including the observations mentioned in his books as well as his…

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