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  • Vanessa Hudgens Essay

    Vanessa Hudgens may be best known for her role in the hit Disney series High School Musical as Gabrielle Montez singing beside future star and fellow teen heart-throb Zac Efron. The warm reception and success of the original movie led to several sequels, catapulting the young starlet to fame and making Vanessa Hudgens a household name. Though after the completion of HSM, the starlet said goodbye to her Disney roots and left the company to pursue a career in film. The rising star would go on to land roles opposite of soon to be Hollywood great, James Franco, in the crime drama Spring Breakers and even took to the live stage doing a stint on Broadway. In anticipation for her latest role helping protect average citizens from the chaos caused…

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  • Reflection Of Virginia Woolf's Moments Of Being By Virginia Woolf

    Vinh Lee AP English July 19 2016 In Virginia Woolf’s excerpt from “Moments of Being,” she describes her adolescent years from her childhood when she would spend her summers in Cornwall, England. She uses many different kinds of language to convey and improve her memories as a child. In the excerpt she uses imagery and tone to help convey her memories with her family. Virginia Woolf uses specific events at the lake to explain her time with her father and how he gave her advice on being…

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  • The Rocking Dead: A Zombie Musical Analysis

    The Rocking Dead: A Zombie Musical On November first, 2015 I went to the performance “The Rocking Dead: A Zombie Musical” at Center of the Arts in Coral Springs. Typically I am not the sort of individual to take a seat and appreciate a live musical performance, yet this one was extremely satisfying. Subsequent to the one-hour drive to Coral Springs I was welcomed by a young lady in the entrance of the lobby who was extremely kind and supportive as to where to enter for the musical. After…

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  • Play Review: High School Musical

    Robert E. Lee High School will present “High School Musical” Oct. 6-9, said Michael Ward, drama instructor. Performances are set for 7 p.m. Oct. 6 through 8 and 2 p.m. Oct. 8 through 9 at the Jan E. Jones Arts Center on campus. Tickets cost $5 for children and students and $10 for others. Tickets will be sold in the box office before the shows. The play tells what happens when an athlete and shy student try out for their school’s musical production. This show was derived from the 2006 Disney…

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  • Groupthink, Conflict Management, And Comedy Film Analysis: Mean Girls

    Introduction: I chose the movie Mean Girls to analyze. Mean Girls is enjoyable to watch and displays topics discussed in class, such as groupthink, conflict management, and leadership issues. The movie is entertaining and humorous and any demographic can enjoy it. Mean Girls is a comedy film about a 16-year-old girl, Cady Heron, who moves from Africa to Illinois. Along with the move, Cady is also thrown into the wild halls of North Shore High School for the first time. Cady initially befriends…

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  • My Experience In High School

    As I’ve grown and changed over the years, I enjoy looking back on the events that made me, well, me. While I believe it can be for the better, some of my experiences in school has shaped me in unimaginable ways. Thus, making me a completely different person than I could have ever expected as a kid. Granted, I would 've never imagined myself as anything other than a super famous pop star struggling to balance my secret life and personal life to have… the best of both worlds. To start…

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  • The Duffer In 'The Duff' By Kody Keplinger

    how hard she tries, Bianca Piper never seemed to like hanging out at the local teen friendly bar. The Nest was a place for teens to let themselves loose and go crazy, but for Bianca; it was just a place to watch her friends be bombarded by boys and judge the others around her. Bianca was not known for her friendliness around the bar, but when Wesley Rush, the hottest boy in school came to talk to her, she knew something was up. Wesley called Bianca the duff of her friend group. He accused her of…

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  • Shakopee High School Expansion Case Study

    The title is short and descriptive. It indicates the nature of project (high school expansion). It also points out the location of the project, which is Shakopee. However, the location could be expressed with more details such as city or township. A possible alternative could be “Shakopee High School Expansion in City of Shakopee.” 1. The brief project description (with a length of 44 words) complies with 50-word limit. It provides the basic nature of the project, which is an expansion project…

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  • Becoming A Straight-A Student

    These two concepts stood out to me the most because I as a student does procrastination at its best and always forgets about assignments because of my tendency of leaving things for the last minute. When reading about these concepts, it was an eye opener because I never would have thought that high school students lack in one particular skill--time management. As a reader I thought, “What else can high school students lack in?” Which made me connect to my life as a highschool student, I can…

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  • Youth And High School Sports

    The social construct of youth and high school sports leads to unrealistic expectations on the athlete, parents should never push a child to participate more than they are comfortable because it can lead to depression, physical injury, and sports burnout. Many children starting from a young age are pushed by their parents to participate in sports. According to Shugart (2011), obesity is not as large as an epidemic as the media portrays to the public, and is in fact the latest obesity analysis…

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